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Discover the Book - Jan. 20, 2011

  • 2011 Jan 20

I Samuel: Three Key Doctrines


Life in the flesh or Spirit would be an apt title of this first book of Samuel. The striking contrasts between Hannah and Peniah, Samuel and Eli, David and Saul attest to this truth.


We read some of the great stories of the Bible in First Samuel, like the persistent love of Hannah [1], the wicked sons of Eli [2], the calling of Samuel [3], the humiliation of Dagon [4-6], the disobedience of Saul [13-end], David's calling from the flocks [16], David and Goliath [17], the friendship of Jonathan [18], Saul and the witch [28] and so many more.


This book also marvelously introduces to three key doctrines: the Doctrine of God, the Doctrine of Prayer and the Doctrine of Worship. We can briefly examine each.


I.                   The Doctrine of God is full of riches to grow by.

A.                 Our Lord Jesus Christ

1.                   Christ is seen in the first mention of His name "Messiah" by a woman in 2:10.

2.                  The perfect priesthood of Jesus is alluded to in 2:35 [Hebrews 2:17].

3.                  Christ and the Davidic Covenant is also presented in 7:10-16.

B.                 Our Great God

1.                   A great name of God "The Lord of Hosts" is first used in 1:3.

2.                  The Scriptures go on to use this title for God 280 more times. It signifies God as the Mighty Victor and Conqueror. It can be translated Lord of the armies of Heaven and Earth. See James 5:4.

C.                 Our precious Holy Spirit

1.                   He is the One who can prompt holy and righteous anger [11:6].

2.                  He is the One who can make our speech prudent and our conduct bold [16:13, 18].

3.                  He is the One who protects us from evil [16:14].


II.                The Doctrine of Prayer focuses on the lives of Hannah and Samuel.

A.                 GOD GIVES OUR HEARTS DESIRE THROUGH PRAYER. Hannah prays for a son and is given Samuel [1:10, 12, 26, 27; 2:1].

B.                 GOD GIVES US VICTORY THROUGH PRAYER. Samuel prays for Israel and they are led to victory by God [7:5-10].

C.                 GOD GIVES US COMFORT THROUGH PRAYER. Samuel comes in sorrow to God for Israel that has rejected Him as their King [8:5-6].

D.                GOD GIVES INSIGHT THROUGH PRAYER. God reveals secrets to Samuel while he is praying [9:15].

E.                 GOD DESIRES US TO COME TO HIM THROUGH PRAYER. Samuel declares that a lack of prayer is sin [12:19, 23].

F.                 GOD REFUSES PRAYERS OF A REBEL. Saul finds his rebellion and rejection of God means God will not listen to him [28:6].


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