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Discover the Book - July 14, 2009

  • 2009 Jul 14

Seeing God Through Pain


Somewhere out in our world someone just gave up the fight for food. They starved to death, just like 17 million do each year, that is almost 60 thousand a day, or 2,500 each hour, or 41 each minute - it’s almost one a second. And that is suffering.  God knows everyone of them, and He has an answer for all who wonder why. The answer is not why, but what. Not why does He let it continue but what is my response to be!


In Acts 16:12-40  Paul got squished, he is suffering. Have you ever been in a car accident? Think of a sustained beating with sticks by a skilled executioner [deep cuts, infection, fever, cramps, sore back, joints, stiffness, lack of sleep].

Reflections on Personal Pain:

*       Pain should not stop us; only reorient our hearts with Heaven our eternal home.

*       Hatred should not paralyze us, but refocus us on God the source of true love.

*       Adversity shouldn’t surprise us, but remind us of whom we are following, Jesus the man of sorrows.


Acts 17:1 and I Thess. 3:4 reminds us to accept suffering from God. Paul walks 97 miles in a weakened state from pain, blood loss and stiffness. He has welts, ugly purple scars and the memories of that mob filled with rage coming on him in a fury. He goes to Thessalonica hot and dusty. It took three to four days at 3 mph to get there. Now, in the city he goes to the public baths, disrobes and the rumors start. Who but a dangerous criminal or runaway slave would have had such a severe beating?

Reflections on God’s Plan:

*       God has a PURPOSE, He never moves without purpose or plan.

*       God has the PERSPECTIVE; He sees things from the perspective of eternity.

*       God has a PROGRAM, He says suffering is part of the plan and not to be avoided.

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