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Discover the Book - July 15, 2009

  • 2009 Jul 15

Job - Guided Tour of Suffering


TO SEE GOD CLEARLY God takes Job on a divinely guided tour of pain. Along the way He teaches him and at the end He never blames Satan, apologizes to Job for all the pain he had to endure, nor praises his friends for their counsel. Job 1-2, 42 Thus, through Job we learn some powerful truths in affliction:

GOD SAYS WE ARE IN A WAR! He became more aware of the cosmological battle all around him. [1-2]

Satan has power over nations 1:13-17

Satan has power over nature 1:16-19

Satan has power over natural man 2:7

GOD SAYS WE ARE INFECTED WITH SIN! He became more aware of his own sin within him. [4:7-9]

GOD SAYS WE ARE NOT HERE LONG! He became aware of the brevity of life. [7:1, 6-9]

GOD SAYS WE MUST BE REFINED! He became aware of the refining hand of God in trials. [23:10]

GOD SAYS WE MUST DEPEND ON HIM! Job was introduced to God as El Shaddai [31 of 48 times in OT is here], literally “The God who is enough.” [22:26]

GOD SAYS WE MUST TRUST HIM AT THE CONTROLS! God is bigger than we can comprehend; all the Universe reflects His handiwork. Note Job 38-39:


Geology Job 38:4-6

Rotation Job 38:14

Oceanography Job 38:16 [toxic hot springs at volcanic vents, two miles down        in the dark ocean depths]

Astrophysics Job 38:19 [99% of the mass of the Universe is dark matter we don’t even know what it is]

Meteorology Job 38:22, 25

Astronomy Job 38:31 gravity

Hydrology Job 38:34

Zoology Job 38:39

Ornithology Job 39:26-30 migratory navigation not even closely imitated until satellite navigation, yet God built it into fish, birds and even insects!

TO SEE GOD’S WAY CLEARLY, Psalm 119 says God uses Affliction purposefully:

Psalm 119 says God uses Affliction purposefully, to continue reading please copy and paste this URL into your browser bar:

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