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Discover the Book - July 18, 2009

  • 2009 Jul 18

Moses - The Satisfying Power of Suffering



There is a plague sweeping America. It's not AIDS or TB; it’s a dark cloud that overshadows all of life. What is the plague we face here in America? It’s the plague of discontentment. Discontentment is like an infection. You can catch it by contact unless you are resistant.

Meet Moses in Acts 7:20-23 but first:


Mrs. An’s husband was a pastor in Vietnam.  When their church was closed by police, he was thrown into prison.  Without official papers, she and her children were forced to live on a balcony outside an apartment.  Yet her faith has forged a sanctuary out of her surroundings, from which she greets us:

My dear Friends:

            ...You know around here we are experiencing hardships, but we thank the Lord He is comforting us and caring for us in every way.  When we experience misfortune, adversity, distress and hardship, only then do we see the real blessing of the Lord poured down on us in such a way that we cannot contain it.

            We have been obliged recently to leave our modest apartment and for over two months have been living on a balcony.  The rain has been beating down and soaking us.  Sometimes in the middle of the night we are forced to gather our blankets and run to seek refuge in a stairwell.

            Do you know what I do then?  I laugh and I praise the Lord, because we can still take shelter in the stairwell.  I think of how many people are experiencing much worse hardships than I am.  Then I remember the words of the Lord, "To the poor, O Lord, You are a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat” (cp. Isaiah 25:4), and I am greatly comforted...

            Our the One who according to the Scriptures does not break the bruised reed nor put out the flickering lamp.  He is the One who looks after the orphan and the widow.  He is the One who brings blessings and peace to numberless people.

            I do not know what words to use in order to describe the love that the Lord has shown our family.  I only can bow my knee and my heart and offer to the Lord words of deepest thanks and praise.  Although we have lost our house and our possessions, we have not lost the Lord, and He is enough.  With the Lord I have everything.  The only thing I would fear losing is His blessing!

            Could I ask you and our friends in the churches abroad to continue to pray for me that I will faithfully follow the Lord and serve Him regardless of what the circumstances may be?

            As far as my husband is concerned, I was able to visit him this past summer.  We had a 20-minute conversation that brought us great joy.....

                                                                        I greet you with my love.

                                                                        Mrs. Nguyen Thi An


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