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Discover the Book - July 27, 2010

  • 2010 Jul 27

God's Recovery Program is Sanctification


God's recovery program for fallen mankind is always sanctification.

Christ's New Testament church was born into a sin-warped, dark-hearted world of mixed-up marriages, sin-scarred lives, and confused families. 

As we open to the book of Titus never forget that is the context. Paul, guided by the Spirit of God, was writing a letter to Titus, the missionary church planter sent to the island of Crete.

Roman culture in the First Century was closed to God's ways. That meant that every man and woman on Crete had been born into a sin-warped society. Each person Titus encountered was living out their life each day darkened by sin, enduring mixed-up and struggling marriages, and limping along with sin-scarred lives and families. But despite their failures, God wanted to make them useful again.

God knew that the men and women who were gloriously saved could not automatically become great wives and mothers, or husbands and fathers. When they came to Christ and were forgiven, God graciously gave them everything they needed to become godly wives, mothers, husbands, and fathers. But, they needed something else called sanctification to change them into useful servants of God.

The book of Titus captures the pattern God gave for every believer as the goal and direction of their life. Being a Titus 2 person of godliness should be the desire of every parent for their child; and every partner for their mate; and of every believer for their own life. The key is to remember that:

God's Recovery Program Is Sanctification

When God changes us, to be what He intended us to be, that is called sanctification.

Christ's church grew into the potent force for changing the world in the quiet nurturing sessions that Titus 2 men and women performed in practical discipleship. Just as important as the preaching and teaching of the doctrines of God's Word was the modeling and nurturing of individual saints through practical hands-on lessons in godly living.

The building blocks of Christ's church are Spirit-filled men and women who give their lives back to God each day as obedient servants of God. Since all of us are either men or women, it is imperative to know what God has to say to what pleases Him in our daily life as a man or woman.

God had a plan to change the world, and He began to implement that plan during the darkest era of history—the time of the Roman Empire—when marriage had reached its lowest ebb.

The power of the Gospel is in the strength of Christ's sanctifying grace, which can change us into His image! For that reason, I truly believe that this insight into the Cretan culture can stir our hearts to glorify the amazing grace and saving power of God. 

After all, if the Gospel of Christ could reach into a culture of people who were the descendents of the wicked, pagan Old Testament Philistines (as in Goliath and David) and build them into grace-energized servants of Christ's church, He can use any marriage and any family no matter how bad they've been.

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