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Discover the Book - July 6, 2010

  • 2010 Jul 06

Jesus Explains the Gospel


God's Word changes us from the inside out, no matter how bad we are. God's grace reaches to the most sinful, the most defiled. Remember the "Amazing Grace" that saved a wretch like John Newton?  

How does God do that? He explains it in a word picture in Psalm 32:1-2,  by using three different Hebrew words for Forgiveness:

  • LIFTED OFF: Forgiven means literally to have our sin lifted off. As Pilgrim it rolls off and into Christ's tomb.
  • COVERED OVER: Covered speaks of the strong imagery in the events of the day of atonement. On that day the High priest took the blood of an animal and sprinkled it onto the mercy seat. Above the mercy seat was the presence of God portrayed by the outstretched arms of the cherubim. Beneath the lid of the ark was the tablets portraying God's divine law. In essence, the blood stood between a holy God and the sinners who broke His law, averting His wrath. So our sins are covered away by the blood of Jesus shed for us!
  • NEVER COUNTED: Not counted against us speaks of God when He forgives He forgets. Psalm 103 "as far as the East is…" 

Now the second element is REPENTANCE. This is the hard part that God never hides. 

*       Have you ever gone to the supermarket

*       Found what you wanted

*       And then were frustrated finding the price 

A generation ago everything was stamped with the blue inked price and it was and instant awareness of cost.  Today with bar codes, scanners, shelf tags, advertised specials, point of purchase rebates, coupons, mail-in rebates, and often, unhelpful clerks, you can be sure only as you pay. 

That's not what Christ preached. 

*       He preached a costly Gospel.

*       He proclaimed an expensive discipleship. 

Christ said the task was disciple making.  Christ regenerates.  We teach. That was the pure unadulterated first century Gospel.

But what if a man has no other desire than to be left alone? The change is not necessarily from robbery, theft, murder, adultery and glaring sins. The change may be from a life that is completely selfish, instinctively demanding, totally inconsiderate, the change from a self-centered to a God-centered life—and a change like that hurts. 

Costly discipleship awaits true Christians. 

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