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Discover the Book - June 10, 2008

  • 2008 Jun 10

Christ’s Risen and Glorified Touch


When Jesus departed two blind men followed Him, crying out and saying, “Son of David, have mercy on us!” Then He touched their eyes, And their eyes were opened .

—Matthew 9:27, 29-30a, emphasis added)


As we see Christ’s risen and glorified touch, it is a reminder that He holds His church and guards its message and its messengers (Revelation 1:16a; 17b-20). He is always there to provide help in the time of need—as He did with the two blind men who needed His healing touch!

What did Jesus do on earth? He was always touching those He loves at their point of need: Jesus touched Peter when he was sinking on the sea and cried out, “Lord, save me!” (Matthew 14:30); He touched the leper by cleansing him at his direst moment of decay (Luke 5:12); He touched Thomas when he was filled with doubt (John 20:28); and He touched John when he was overwhelmed with fear (Revelation 1:17-18).

That was 2,000 years ago, which seems so long ago and so far away. But we need not live so distant from the quietness of that garden on Resurrection morning, because the truth of the Resurrection is that Jesus is alive! And since He is alive, He is doing the same things as He did then.

Did you catch that? Jesus wants us to know that He is still doing just what He did that morning, and in the days that followed. So much of His ministry involved assuring the disciples of what they already knew, and encouraging them to do what He left them here to do. Have you met again the risen Christ?

What is Jesus doing now? Jesus wants us to see Him, to believe Him, and then respond to His work in us through His Word. Are you willing to see Jesus anew? You can experience all that He wants to do in your life if you will invite Him to be at work in you. He is always there to touch you, lift you, encourage you, restore you, and remind you that all that He promised is true.

Jesus, who was always inviting worship from those who loved Him back then, who was inviting it on the Isle of Patmos around sixty years after His Resurrection, is still waiting for us to crumble in reverent worship before Him.

As Jesus left the earth, the last thing His beloved disciples saw was His exit as He went up out of sight with outstretched hands lifted up in blessing. In that gesture, He was trying to convey this message: “I just want to pour out My blessing on you! I want to give you everything you need, and that is the last thing I want you to think about when you remember Me going back to My Father!”

What was their response? They worshiped Him and then went back to Jerusalem (see Luke 24:50-52)! They didn’t go to some distant place; they went home. That is what worship does; it doesn’t take us off to mountaintops where we live an unreal life, like in a monastery somewhere. No, we go back into our real world with great joy. Luke 24:53 says that they were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God. That is what worship does: “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve” (Matthew 4:10b).

We have it all mixed up in the twenty-first century; we serve God and hope we get around to worship, however, most of the time we don’t. But Jesus said, “Worship Me before you do that ministry. Then, as you serve, you will be full of joy and thanksgiving!” Jesus is waiting for you and me to lavish our loving worship on Him!

As a father, I love to give my children what they want. I ask them, “What can I do for you? How can I help you? What would you like?” I also love to do things that please my wife, Bonnie! If I, a frail, sinful, fallen human, long to do these things for those I love—how much more will our heavenly Father give us good gifts? (See Matthew 7:7-11.)


Make a choice to live in hope: Have you met the risen Christ? Do you see Him as the compassionate “Son of Man”? Do you understand that He is the High Priest who forgives, cleanses, and doesn’t condemn you? Do you recognize Him as the One with penetrating “eyes like a flame of fire” who always sees you, and omnisciently knows everything about you? Do you see those “feet like fine brass” as He omnipotently comes in power to meet you in your storms? Do you hear His omnipresent “voice as the sound of many waters” that is always able to talk to you in any situation? Do you see His “countenance like the sun shining in its strength” that is so full of majesty that you crumble before Him in worship? Can you say, like John, “I feel the gentle touch of His ‘hand on me’ ”?

The risen and glorified Christ wants to be all that to you. So He is telling you, this very day, “Just like I was in Bible times, I still am today. And I want to always be with you!”

I hope that you will invite Jesus Christ into every part of your life and say, “Risen Christ, see me; come to me! I bow before You; touch me! I need You!” I encourage you to then make this beautiful song by John Newton the prayer of your heart:


How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

In a believer’s ear!

It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds,

And drives away His fear, And drives away his fear.

It makes the wounded spirit whole,

And calms the troubled breast;

Tis manna to the hungry soul,

And to the weary, rest, And to the weary, rest.

Dear name—the rock on which I build.

My shield and hiding place;

My never-failing treasure, filled

With boundless stores of grace,

With boundless stores of grace.

Jesus, my shepherd, brother, friend,

My prophet, priest, and King.

My Lord, my life, my way, my end,

Accept the praise I bring, Accept the praise I bring.

—John Newton, 1725-1807



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