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Discover the Book June 13, 2011

  • 2011 Jun 13


Preserved by God

The maligning, the slurs and jokes, the naked hatred known as anti-Semitism, not only among Muslims, but even among those who call themselves Christians, is a unique and persistent fact of history peculiar to the Jewish people. Even today, in spite of the haunting memory of Hitler's holocaust which once shocked and shamed the world, and in defiance of logic and conscience, anti-Semitism is still alive and is once again increasing world-wide.

Looking at the rather tragic history of the Jewish people, one is not inclined to think there has been any advantage in being a Jew. In spite of the reality that they are such a noble strain of humanity and chosen by God, their history has been a saga of slavery, hardship, warfare, persecution, slander, captivity, dispersion, and humiliation.

19th to 15th Centuries BC (1876-1446 BC) They were menial slaves in Egypt for some 430 years, and after God miraculously delivered them, they wandered in a barren wilderness for forty years, until an entire generation died out.

15th century BC   (1406 BC) When they eventually entered the land God had promised them, they had to fight to gain every square foot of it and continue to fight to protect what they gained.

14th to 10th Century BC  (925 BC) After several hundred years, the period of the Judges, Saul (1050-1010 BC), David (1010-970 BC), and Solomon (970-930 BC) in 925 BC civil war divided the nation.

8th Century BC  (722 BC) The northern kingdom eventually was almost decimated by Assyria, with the remnant being taken captive to that country.

6th Century BC  (586 BC) Later, the southern kingdom was conquered and exiled in Babylon for seventy years, after which some were allowed to return to Palestine.

538-516 BC Zerubbalbel and Ezra return and rebuild the Temple.

4th Century BC   Not long after they rebuilt their homeland, they were conquered by Greece, and the despotic Antiochus Epiphanes revelled in desecrating their Temple, corrupting their sacrifices, and slaughtering their priests. Under Roman rule they fared no better. Tens of thousands of Jewish rebels were publicly crucified, and under Herod the Great scores of male Jewish babies were slaughtered because of his insane jealousy of the Christ child.

Christ's Ministry AD 30-33

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