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Discover the Book Mar. 10, 2011

  • 2011 Mar 10


Making Holy Resolves to Follow the Lord

As we open to the 132nd Psalm we are opening to God’s record of the life of David. We are not sure if David wrote this Psalm or if it was written about him, but we do see the powerful message it contains.

This Psalm is one of a set of 15 called the Psalms of Ascents. These were Psalms for pilgrims walking up to Jerusalem for the three feats each year that God asked for them to celebrate: Passover/Unleavened Bread; First Fruits, and Tabernacles (Exodus 23).

There are also 15 broad steps leading up into the Temple Herod built, which also may have been the place that the Psalms were sung as they ascended into the House of the Lord. Whether both or either of these are the 15 steps or stops used, these Psalms are very much a part of the worship of the Lord.

In Psalm 132 we find an explanation of David’s habits as a young man that fortified him for Goliath, a life of hardship and for being so useful to God. 

The Resolves of David’s Youth

Thus Psalm 132 records how David started walking with the Lord as a young boy.

This Psalm can be placed either at the start of David’s walk after being anointed King by Samuel in 1st Samuel 16.13; or here as he looks back and remembered God’s Hand on his life. 

David Profited from His Bible Study

This Psalm may have been prompted when David studied what God expected from a King. David studied what Deuteronomy 17:14-20 explained were God’s expectations for the King; and then David made them his holy habits. 

These youthful habits strengthened him for enduring all the adversities and adversaries he faced for his entire life. 

This Psalm could be called David’s spiritual secret—what made him the Giant that we see him to be from the Scriptural record of his life.

Whether Psalm 132 is a look back when David became King or a snapshot of his youth, either way these verses capture for us David’s habits, resolves, and a testimony of God’s faithfulness in the past and a reaffirmation of his consecration to the Lord. 

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