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Discover the Book - Mar. 14, 2008

  • 2008 Mar 14

Meditation: Finding Quietness in Ultra Busy Times


Have you ever noticed how distracted people are?


It seems like everyone is looking for something to do, and then when they do it, they didn't enjoy it -- because they were thinking about something else. That is distraction. That is the malady of our culture.


I was with my children Friday night at Chuck E. Cheese's, they were very excited and having a blast. For a few moments I looked at the parents around us, many of them appeared to still be at the office. Their children were so excited running from game to game gleefully enjoying themselves. The parents held a cup of tokens -- and looked off into the distance at what I couldn't tell. One thing I was sure of, they were not at Chuck E. Cheese's. That picture is riveted in my mind -- it's a picture of our distracted culture. We hold tokens to life, those around us are spending them and we aren't even paying attention.


Hand in hand with distraction is dissatisfaction. Part of the reason that there are so many dissatisfied people in our world is that they are completely distracted from what they are doing -- by something else they think they want to do.


Today we live in a distracted world, among distracted people, with distracted minds, distracted families, and distracted lives.


Distraction leads to aimlessness, uselessness, hopelessness, and powerlessness.


For a believer the guard against a distracted life is the Word Filled Life. A life that is filled with God's Word is focused and nurtured by the Lord. That is the only protection we have to prevent our lives becoming distracted, dissatisfied, and useless. God wants me to have focus in life. God wants our lives to be aimed at his Glory, fulfilling our calling, filled with His hope, and living after the power of an endless life.



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