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Discover the Book Mar. 14, 2011

  • 2011 Mar 14

The Deadly Results of Rationalizing Sin              

David Slowly Stepped Downward Into Sin

Far more dangerous than the Goliath he faced as a teenager, the Giant Lust had crept slowly into David’s own inner chambers. In a moment, blinded by his own selfish desires, when his guard was down, David was slain. He had been enticed, baited, hooked, and finally reeled inby lust!        

David the giant-killer was slain by the Giant Lust because he had ignored God and His Word. It’s very insightful how this occurred. As we open to II Samuel 5:13, note David’s dreadful steps downward that led to a disastrous fall which destroyed his life and testimony:

First Step Downward—
David desensitized his conscience
By incomplete obedience.

“… David took more concubines and wives from Jerusalem, after he had come from Hebron. Also more sons and daughters were born to David”. (2 Samuel 5:13)

Although David was a great servant who loved the Lord and was writing the Scriptures and songs to worship God, he began to slowly desensitize his conscience by not obeying the Lord completely. And that was the first warning sign of danger ahead.

At this point, David had let himself become involved in socially acceptable things that were unacceptable to God. Initially, it was just carelessness—a slight wandering, a tiny looseningin a socially acceptable area. But I believe that David’s sin with Bathsheba was sparked by small disobediences back in the earlier days as he relaxed his grip on the way God asked Him to live.     

Watch the unfolding of the story of the deadly little things he allowed into his life. David had already been king for seven years when he … took more concubines and wives from Jerusalem … (2 Samuel 5:13). That verse sounds like you’re just reading the news—nothing major, nothing bad, it’s kind of neutral.

In fact, you might even be thinking: Was it really wrong? Didn’t all the men back then do it? Didn’t Abraham have multiple wives? You know, Jacob had several wives. Since they were all God’s people, was it really so bad? The lesson for us is:

Don’t Rationalize Sin

If God says it is wrong, it is wrong—even if everybody else does it. Six hundred years after Abraham God told Moses to write down His rules for future kings. Deuteronomy 17:15-20 became the code by which the kings were supposed to live. That passage contains God’s instructions for His leaders and, by the way, in principle form they are very much something that we should likewise heed if you want to be a man or woman of God.

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