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Discover the Book Mar. 15, 2011

  • 2011 Mar 15


David's Lust Led Him to Break All of the 10 Commandments

As we open to II Samuel 12, try to think of the searing pain that would come when secret, private sins get exposed for the entire world to see. Just imagine what David felt as the truth of what he had done could no longer be hidden. That is the event and those are the emotions that David is feeling in the verses of this chapter.

One of the great deterrents to sin is looking at the consequences. God's Word records David’s crash through each barrier God put in his way, and the resulting wreck David made of his life and family.

When David stood at the other end of Nathan’s boney finger, pointed directly in his face—he was guilty, and he knew it. David had broken every law in the book, God’s Book.


In reality, David had broken all of the Ten Commandments when he sinned with Bathsheba. How had he broken them all? In two ways; first by his actions he broke them all. And secondly, by God’s standards he broke them all.

1.                 “No other gods…”—David allowed his lust to be the god to which he bowed in obedience.

2.                “Not take the Name…”—David took the Holy Name of God in vain as he said he was God’s man and lived like the devil.

3.                “Not make a graven image…”—David engraved the image of naked Bathsheba as she bathed so deeply on his lustful soul, that he forgot even the God he loved for that moment of sin.

4.                “Remember the Sabbath…”—David didn’t keep the Sabbath or any other day holy for God once he allowed lust to rule.

5.                Honor thy father and mother…”—David dishonored them and all his family as he sank into such wicked and premeditated sin.

6.                “Not kill…”—David sent the murder request to Joab, so it was not his sword but the arrows of others that David used--but it was his desire that Uriah be killed.

7.                “Not commit adultery…”—that was the clearest of all David’s law breaking.

8.               “Not steal…”—David stole the wife of his neighbor and trusted friend Uriah as Nathan clearly pointed out in the story of the lamb.

9.                “Not lie…”—David’s false response was a lie when the messenger came with the ghastly news of Uriah’s death; and even more, every day David lived in sin was a lie that he deceptively covered.

10.            “Not covet…”—David broke this law as he so coveted his neighbors wife that he would steal her and kill her husband to share in sexual sin with her.

So David was a guilty sinner. He broke them all. But in reality, so have every one of us. We all by God’s standards have become guilty of breaking them all.

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