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Discover the Book - Mar. 21, 2010

  • 2010 Mar 21

Trust the God Who Performs His Word


The Bible you hold in your hands, and have backed up in the memory/storage spaces of your mind, is the Plan of God for your life; God's Word is single most valuable commodity that you can hold.


This Book holds the only key, to making the right decisions about:

  • How to know God's choice for a mate, and for your career;
  • How to care for an aging parent;
  • How to respond to a rebelling child;
  • How to rebuild a strained or broken marriage;
  • How to proceed when in a dead-end job;
  • How to recover when in a hopeless financial mess;
  • How to react to a bad medical diagnosis; and
  • How to survive, and go on, through aching loneliness.


Those are just the start, to the endless supply of perfect answers and directions that God's Word holds for each of us who will seek Him and find His directions for our lives.


So that leads me to this declaration:


"All that I know, believe, and confidently hold to about God and His Plan for my life, my world, my marriage, my family, and my future--is in this absolutely trustworthy Bible. I believe God's Word, I study God's Word, and I declare God's Word through preaching and teaching."


And so, my goal for each of you is that in the days ahead you will believe God's Word so completely, that it will become part of those strongest habits of your life.


My constant prayer is that each of us wake to thinking the Word, and when we get a quiet moment in a hectic day that our thoughts drift to God's Word, and when we finally get to unwind and relax, that restful time would also involve a renewing dip into the life-giving waters of God's Word.


And finally, I long that all of this develops a default setting in our lives, which is keyed to the Word; and that each of us will learn the spiritual discipline:


  • of going to the Word to start the day,
  • of turning to the Word to relax our mind when stressed,
  • of trusting the Word to encourage our heart when troubled,
  • of inviting the Word to guide our life when confused, and
  • of allowing the Word to assure our souls when in doubt.


All that we have as believers is tied to God's Word. We come to faith by the Word, we know God through His Word, and we are filled by the Spirit through His Word.


Trusting God's Word is especially relevant to days in which we live. God wants hope-filled men and women walking through life side-by-side with hope-less worldlings, so that we can point those without hope to our hope in Christ.


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