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Discover the Book - Mar. 24, 2013

  • 2021 Mar 24

The Conflict of the Ages

The earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood, which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth. And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who . . . have the testimony of Jesus Christ.-Revelation 12:16-17, emphasis added

God has a place prepared for Israel; it could even be in Petra or Jordan. It does not matter where it is, but God will send the Jews there. When Satan sees them flee, he will cause the beast to send a mighty army that is like a "flood," but it will be "swallowed up" (Revelation 12:16).

We see this same type of judgment in Numbers 16:1-40. Because of the rebellion of Korah, the earth opened up and swallowed those who rebelled against Moses and God-and they went alive into the pit. (This is another indication that Hades is most likely in the center of the earth.)

  • Satan has always tried to destroy his mortal enemy-the Seed of the woman. All of history has been a record of this conflict between the seed of the serpent and the Seed of the woman. Satan has tried to stop God's plan all along the way.
  • Satan attempted to destroy God's plan when Cain murdered Abel (Genesis 4).
  • Satan attempted to destroy God's plan by demonic intrusion into the human line before the Flood (Genesis 6).
  • Satan attempted to destroy God's plan through Goliath, as the serpent's seed sought to destroy the line of the woman's Seed as young David stood before him (1 Samuel 17).
  • Satan attempted to destroy God's plan through Haman, a descendent of Agag the Amalekite. At Satan's prompting, Haman nearly succeeded at wiping out the Jews (the book of Esther).
  • Satan attempted to destroy God's plan by the decree of Herod to kill all the male infants (Matthew 2:13).
  • Satan attempted to destroy God's plan by tempting Jesus to take the easy road (Matthew 4).
  • Satan attempted to destroy God's plan as he entered the infuriated mob that sought to cast Jesus over a cliff (Luke 4:28-29).

Satan hates the Lamb of God and all His followers-whether Jew or Gentile. Therefore, he actively wages war against those who seek to obey God's Word above all else!

Make a choice to live in hope: From Eden onward, there have been two groups on earth: two churches, two congregations, and two directions.

Satan and the Rebels

God and the Saints

Drunken harlot

Chaste bride

Followers of lies

Seekers of Truth

Earth dwellers


Walkers by sight

Walkers by faith



But a collision lies ahead: Satan's kingdom is nearing its final hours on earth-a time when the powers of darkness, demons, and all will rule. The earth will follow the false god, the Antichrist!

There are two competitions--two destinies:

  • Choose Christ: Follow Adam; pass Golgotha and the substitutionary sacrifice of Christ; trust in Christ and go to heaven.
  • Choose the Antichrist: Follow Cain; pass Babel and the confusion of religion, and go to the lake of fire.

In this battle for the planet Earth, the victory is in Christ! God's faithfulness to His Word means that Satan is vanquished. If you already know the Lord Jesus, I pray that you will choose to be an overcomer by living in hope through God's Word, the blood of the Lamb, the cross of Calvary, and the name of Jesus that is above all names!

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