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Discover the Book - Mar. 26, 2013

  • 2021 Mar 26


When Christ was Crucified—Were You?

No verse more clearly summarizes what Jesus has done than Paul’s testimony in Galatians 2:20. No verse more clearly frames what each of us should declare at this sacred moment than Paul’s words that we can affirm for ourselves.

Now using a short lesson in the grammar of the Bible, we have gathered to remember the cross of Christ.  We need to remember it not merely as a distant historical fact—no, we must see it as an event that we were a part of, personally and directly and powerfully.

Galatians 2:20“I have been crucified with Christ;

 it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me;

 and the life which I now live in the flesh

 I live by faith in the Son of God,

who loved me and gave Himself for me.” NKJV

“I have been crucified with” is actually one word in the original text of the New Testament; and it is the verb around which this verse is built. This verb known by Greek scholars as word # 4957, and is a verbfound five times in the New Testament; which literally means ‘to crucify alone with’. To better understand this verb we must notice it’s three inspired grammatical parts. When you classify a Greek verb you state the tense, the voice, and the mood. Sustauroo translated “I have been crucified with” is a perfect tense, passive voice, indicative mood verb.

So if we use all the truth of the grammar taken together, Paul says, “What I am telling you is a fact (indicative mood), I have actually already been crucified by God with Jesus Christ (perfect tense); God crucified me and I didn’t do it myself; it happened and was completed in the past, once and for all, and never needs repeating…(passive voice)

So, when Paul says Christ was crucified, he says that Christ crucified him also. And if you understand the doctrine of our union with Christ from God's Word that means that every single one of us were also crucified that day with Jesus Christ.

We need to believe and grow by faith to understand that Christ's crucifixion was mine also!

In an incredible way that only God can accomplish and explain—each of us here who are believers—died at the same time as Jesus almost 2,000 years ago. We have already died once in a real, spiritually powerful way in Christ on His Cross we celebrate today.

Though all of us may look quite alive, the truth is that on this day, 20 centuries ago, we were hanging on the Cross with Jesus Christ. When He died, we died.

And after His death when two loving men took down His body and buried it in a borrowed Tomb, we were also buried with Christ. When He died—we died; when He was buried—we were buried.

And when He walked out of that Tomb early Sunday morning—each of us also walked out with Him! When He died—we died; when He was buried—we were buried; and when He rose—we rose.

That truth should course through the heart and mind of every believer in Christ. 

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