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Discover the Book - Mar. 27, 2009

  • 2009 Mar 27

The Message of Jesus


As believers one of the greatest privileges we have is knowing and sharing the message of Jesus. What is the message of Jesus? In a moment we will examine it word by word from Mark 1. But before that, think of the wonderful change that the message of Jesus has brought.


What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought, since Jesus came into my heart.

I have light in my soul for which long I had sought, since Jesus came into my heart!


Have you ever thought about what a wonderful change the sweet message of Jesus has brought?


What is this life changing message? We find the message of Jesus in Mark 1:14-15.


In our passage we will only cover two verses in Mark's Gospel, but these verses span over 8 months of Christ's life and ministry. Mark has an agenda as the Spirit led him. The purpose? To show the message of Jesus. What is that message? Let me first sketch where we are going:

So what is the message of Jesus? It is what He said, and what He did. In these 8 events over 8 months here is His message. Each of these events teach us wonderful lessons:

  1. Lamb of God? Jesus is all we need to get to Heaven.
  2. Water to wine? Jesus enjoyed life's pleasures.
  3. Cleansing the Temple? Jesus wants undistracted worship.
  4. Nicodemus? Jesus meets us where we are, and meets us there.
  5. John the Baptist imprisoned? Jesus gives us hope to the end that to die is gain!
  6. Woman at Well? Jesus loves us no matter what we have done, He knows it all and still loves us.
  7. Galilean Sermon? Jesus says salvation is so simple, that it is impossible.


Look down at your Bibles with me. Look at v. 12-13 and then v. 14-15. In that tiny space in your Bibles is over 8 months of the life and ministry of Jesus. In those 8 months are some of the best known scenes from Christ's life: the Wedding at Cana, the Woman at the Well, and Nicodemus and John 3:16. Yet in the time from between the Temptation of Jesus, which we saw last time and the start of Christ's Galilean Ministry we see before us tonight, Mark skips over 8 months of Christ's life.


What do the lessons of the 7 events in Christ's life teach us? Literally volumes of some of the dearest moments we cherish in the life of Jesus.


  1. John the Baptist points at Jesus and says "Behold the Lamb of God" is the first event after Christ's temptation and the first four disciples follow Him. John 1:29-51


An incomparable identification: “the Lamb of God”

1.      Specific – “the” – John saw Christ Jesus as the fulfillment of all the lambs. Especially ties to Isaiah 53:7

-         He was a man of the hills and of the Old Testament. He was the son of a priest. He was the last and greatest of the old prophets and the first of the new age.

a.      Christ was the Passover lamb – Exodus 12 – As important as that lamb whose blood covered the door posts and protected those inside, Christ was that to the world. He caused God’s wrath to pass over those who hide beneath the shadow of the cross.

b.      Christ was the daily Lamb – Exodus 29 – All the way through its history, Israel had been reminded of God’s presence, made open by the daily offering up for satisfaction the sin offering. Christ made the way ever open to the Father.

c.      Christ was the suffering Lamb – Isaiah 53 – step by step, the Messiah fulfilled even as spoken of by the prophets the position of “the lamb before its shearers is dumb.” Yes, Christ suffered and bled and died for us.

d.      Christ will be the Lamb in the midst of the throne – Revelation 1 – As through John could see through time to the risen and ministering Jesus Christ in the heavenly places, even so is He even this day ever living for us.

2.      Sacrificial – “Lamb” – Even though Christ had not yet even told of His work to come: God reveals through His herald the sacrificial nature of this One He sent.

3.      Sinless – “of God” – Who but God could take away sins? – and even so, who but God’s own Lamb sent us-ward could be the sacrifice?


But you and I do not have to go and find a lamb: God has provided a lamb already . . . and is it not a wonderful thing, that He against Whom all sin was leveled, Himself provided the sacrifice for sin? Behold the sin of man and the Lamb of God. Jesus is the Father’s best beloved, His choice one, His only one, and yet He delivered Him up for us all. Can you refuse so great a love that gave so much?


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