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Discover the Book Mar. 5, 2011

  • 2011 Mar 05


Cries from the Desert of Loneliness and Betrayal 

As we open to I Samuel 23 we are coming to the final stages of David’s life on the run. From the desolate wastelands of Israel’s geography we hear the cries of David’s heart from desert where he now find that added to danger, deprivation, and despair are the twin struggles of betrayal and loneliness. 

That is what happened next in David’s life. He has survived a fight with the Philistines. He is surviving daily advances against him by King Saul. But now after those he had risked his life to protect and save from the Philistines, turned against him. David now shows for the entire world to see, how does a godly person deal with: 

The Loneliness and

Pain of Betrayal

One of the painful situations in life is betrayal. The pain of one in whom we trusted, who hurts us at a level others cannot. When we trusted someone and they turn on us it makes everything come slightly loosened in our lives. We begin to wonder who else out there is secretly on the side of our enemies. This pain and hurt gets compounded when those who betray us are family members.

So for all of us, if we live long enough, we will feel what David felt and if we want to, we can find comfort like he found.

When this Ziphite region in the tribe of Judah (that means David’s kin, David’s clan, and David’s relatives), turns on David and betrays him; David faces a new level of loneliness, mixed with the bitter poison of betrayal.

Not only had the men of Keilah planned to deliver David over to Saul—even though he’d just rescued them from the Philistines—but he now he was also being betrayed by men he trusted in the Wilderness of Ziph.

As we open to I Samuel 23:14, if you have ever had your marriage partner cheat on you and betray the vows of your marriage, you know the bitter poison David tasted.

If you have ever poured your life into your work, given far beyond what was asked or paid for, and then with no reason had your job stripped away and given to someone else, you know the loneliness of betrayal David felt.

If you gave the best years of your life to your children and or spouse, and they used you and then cast you off when you were no longer useful to them, you have felt the stab of betrayal and the wave of loneliness David felt. What can God do with betrayal and loneliness? He can make beautiful songs out of them. 

Songs of God’s Faithfulness

 From this passage come two of the sweetest Psalms of David’s life. As always grace prevails, God is good, and David finds Him closest in the fiery trials of life.

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