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Discover the Book - May 1, 2013

  • 2021 May 01


Serving God

David wanted to honor God with his lifeGod wants us as His servants to give our lives back to Him—He had Divine perspective. He was God fearing. So immediately David thought of one thing—what can I do for the Lord! 

David’s life was an example of godliness to othersGod uses the actions of servants for His Glory! Others watch our life. David’s actions provided a powerful testimony to those who saw him—and they were willing to tell what they saw. What kind of advertisement have we been this week for God? A good one or a bad one? 

David’s life displayed true humility. God uses humble servants for His Glory! David never sought the spotlight. David resisted the pride that often tempts us after great accomplishments. David had a job to do and he humbly did it.  He was consistent, faithful, dependable, and as a humble servant--genuinely unaware of himself. A test of humility is whether or not one is unconcerned who gets the credit. 

David’s life ministered to others.  God uses the ministry of servants for His Glory! It produces comfort in others. David’s love and passion for God warmed the souls of those around him. David spiritual influence even calmed demonized Saul. 

I Samuel 16:23 “And so it was, whenever the spirit from God was upon Saul, that David would take a harp and play it with his hand. Then Saul would become refreshed and well, and the distressing spirit would depart from him.”

We are to be salt (preserving decay around us) and light (the beacon of truth pointing at Christ) to a lost and dying world around us. By your kindness and goodness impress a lost world with Christ's love! 

David wanted to honor God with his work. God is glorified by diligent working servants.

As a shepherd, David had to risk his life for a lamb, for his dad, and for his family. He took life seriously and responsibly. By the way—when do great men and women start to be great? Isn’t it just a continuation of many little choices? You will never become something in the future that you are not doing now. Your current habits and character only will enlarge. Are you responsible or careless? Are you self absorbed or others oriented? 

David wanted to honor God with his habitsGod is either honored or dishonored by the habits of His servants.

Be careful what habits you allow to grow up and take hold in your life! Every action and habit we allow has an either positive or negative consequence in our lives. Beware of bad habits and sinful actions. 

Sin always pays us back with boredom, guilt, shame, loneliness, confusion, emptiness, loss of purpose, not to speak of--loss of rewards. But obedience always produces eternal blessings! 

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