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Discover the Book - May 19, 2010

  • 2010 May 19


Christ's Guided Tour of the Grave



Jesus Christ is revealed in God's Word as love personified. In His daily life He was most observed by those closest to Him as filled with compassion; and He described Himself as "meek and lowly in heart". So what will be His response towards those who ignore or reject His free gift of grace?


In a culture where dogmatics, convictions, absolutes, and exclusive policies are frowned upon at best—what does Jesus actually teach us about the destiny of those who do not get saved, who don't receive the only cure, and who do not come the only way? The first thing we note about Christ's teaching is that when it comes to salvation, there is:


No Middle Ground With Jesus


There is no "middle of the road" position when it comes to Christ's view of life, death, and eternity. Jesus declares that He is the One who controls entrance into Heaven. He says that He is the Author of salvation, the Judge of the eternal destiny of every creature in this universe.


For a moment we need to look at some of the contrasts Jesus gave as He taught His longest message we call the Sermon on the Mount.


1.                  In Matthew 6:19-21 Jesus describes 2 Types of Banks: earth or Heaven;

2.                  In Matthew 6:22-23 Jesus describes 2 Types of Eyes: good or bad;

3.                  In Matthew 6:24 Jesus describes 2 Types of Masters: God or mammon;

4.                  In Matthew 7:13-14 Jesus describes:

·        2 Types of Gates: wide or small;

·        2 Types of Roads: broad or narrow;

·        2 Types of Destinations: destruction or life;

·        2 Types of Travelers: many or few;

5.                  In Matthew 7:15-20 Jesus describes 2 Types of Trees: fruitful or fruitless

6.                  In Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus describes 2 Types of Lifestyles: those who say the right things or those who do His will;

7.                  In Matthew 7:24-29 Jesus describes 2 Types of Foundations: rock or sand;

8.                  In all of Christ's stories He alludes to 2 Inevitable Ends: being throw into fire and entering the kingdom of heaven



So what is it like for those who:

·        live for only investing their lives in Earth's Bank; and

·        have only eyes that hunger for that which is bad and evil; and

·        serve only mammon instead of God; and

·        enter only through the wide gate, head down the broad road, walking along with the many who are headed to destruction; and

·        live only as fruitless trees; and

·        only talk the ways of God, never walking them; and

·        only build their lives on the sand instead of the rock?


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