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Discover the Book - May 21

  • 2012 May 21


Are You Living A Crucified Life?

As Paul sat to write to the Colossians, he was writing to a group of saints swimming each day against the strongest imaginable currents of the world, the flesh, and the devil.  

Colosse in Roman Asia was at the cross flow of every type of sin. What was Paul's answer to their needs for growing in that environment? He challenged them to make daily choices to sanctify their attitudes and behavior. 

As we read this passionate letter to the Colossian saints, we hear Paul plead with them to allow Christ's work to be unleashed into their lives in Colossians 3:5-17. It would be wise to ask ourselves the same questions.  

What Are You Putting to Death in Your Life?

Do you have a habit of crucified living? Do you know what it means? Have you started a hit list? Do you have targets that you want to give to Christ to put to death so they stop their growth in your life? Colossians lists target areas we must bring to the Great Physician like pockets of pride, lust, selfishness, anger, untruthfulness, and uncleanness. 

·         What are we consciously putting to death of our old life today?

·         Can we name the area we are holding out to Christ our "oncologist”; an area affected by sin that we want Him to remove it’s deadly work from our life.

·         Have we examined our lives against this Scripture and agreed with God about surrendering specific areas of our life to Him?

·         What comes to your mind as I say those words? If nothing springs to your mind—you are probably not living a crucified life. Paul said that every day I live, I live by faith that Christ is crucifying my old life. 

Sanctification requires our participation, our obedience, our responses—and that is what Paul lays down before us in Colossians 3. 

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