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Discover the Book - May 6

  • 2012 May 06


Don't Waste Your Life Like Saul

When I start a biographical study of a person God chose to be included in His Word I always look at the END of their life first. Why is that? Because God said that the way we finish is what counts. It is not how we start the race, but how we finish the race that really matters. That's why Paul triumphantly said, "I have finished the course!” (2 Timothy 4:7) 

So as we look at the life of King Saul, at the theme of "how NOT to serve the Lord" would you join me at the end of his life? Turn with me to how King Saul finished his life in 1 Samuel 31. 

Saul was a colossal failure. The last hours of life were spent with a witch—his last supper with a demonic spiritist medium trying to communicate with the dead (1 Samuel 28:3-8) and his death came as he was surrounded by his dead sons and his very triumphant enemies (1 Samuel 31:2). What happened when Saul refused to serve God and instead served himself? It led to Saul's eternal disgrace.

The ominous warning of Saul’s life is that he had everything going for him possible. He was big, strong, blessed, gifted, chosen, empowered, and given every opportunity to serve God. But he didn’t. Saul failed because there were severe deficiencies in his character.

  • God doesn’t need brains—He wants character.
  • God doesn’t need brawn (huge strong muscles)—He wants integrity.
  • God doesn’t need anyone’s wisdom, power, or wealth—He wants obedience.
  • God doesn’t need ambitious confidence—He wants humble dependence

Saul used selective, self-serving obedience in place of total and God-honoring obedience.  

Life really does come down to servanthood—who we present ourselves as servants to obey as Paul said (Romans 6:13). Or as Jesus so clearly warns us "no one can serve two masters" (Matthew 6:24).

Click here for the glaring examples God records for us in ways to fail and waste your life. 

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