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Discover the Book - November 18, 2011

  • 2011 Nov 18



The Gospel of the New Beginning by Peter

The Gospel by Mark is the premier book in God's Word about hope—hope for a new start, hope for complete forgiveness, hope in the God of the second chance.

On the pages of the Gospel by Mark, we hear the voice of Peter. Church History is almost unanimous in the affirmation that Mark sat next to the aged Peter and captured his words as the Holy Spirit breathed out through him this flawless portrait of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Mark, holds the words of Mark capturing the experiences of Peter.  Few people ever knew the reality of hope that Christ brings—than Peter.


Next to Christ no one in the New Testament is mentioned by name more than Peter! And among the Twelve, those chosen earthly representatives of Christ—none spoke more often and none have as many words recorded in God's Word as Peter!


  • No one ever was honored like Peter. "Thou art Peter - and upon this rock…" (Matthew 16.18)
  • No one was ever rebuked as sharply as when Jesus called Peter a tool of Satan. "Get thee behind me Satan…" (Matthew 16.23)
  • No one ever denied Jesus like Peter. Not once, not twice - but three times. "I know not the man" (Matthew 26.74)
  • No one ever claimed greater loyalty to Christ as did Peter "though all others may - I NEVER will!" (Mark 14.31)
  • No one ever was more totally smitten by his or her sin in the sight of Jesus like Peter. "Then Jesus looked at him" (Luke 22.61)
  • No one ever grieved more completely than Peter - for no one ever knew Jesus better, or loved Him more, or for that matter, wanted His approval MORE than Peter. "He wept bitterly" (Luke 22.62)
  • Finally - no one was ever restored more tenderly and completely than Peter. "Feed my lambs" (John 21.15-17) 

And what was the result of such close and careful nurture by Christ?  Peter's life became perhaps the greatest life ever lived for the Glory of God. Peter stands tall among all that ever walked this planet.

Since Peter is the most mentioned man aside from Jesus in the New Testament there is so much we could say about him; but a brief summary would be: 

Peter was: 

·           the man Jesus chose,

·           the man Jesus trained,

·           the man Jesus plucked out of the raging waters of the Sea of Galilee and saved from death --

Peter then became: 

·           the man Jesus warned,

·           the man Jesus watched deny Him, and

·           the man Jesus protected from the Devil --

Peter ultimately becomes: 

·           the man Jesus restored,

·           the man Jesus used, and

·           the martyr who hung humbly upside down on a cross because he was unworthy to die as Jesus died.

Through the Holy Spirit we like Peter can a model of boldness, fearlessness, leadership, forgiveness, restoration, success, and humility.

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