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Discover the Book - Nov. 25, 2007

  • 2007 Nov 25

The Results of Titus Two Women in Ministry 

Titus Two women encourage a grateful army of husbands who feel deeply loved by their wives.  What was the first thing that the Holy Spirit chose to have taught to the young married women believers? They should love their husbands. Such love is a powerful testimony in a culture where women are being pressed into being worldly, self-seeking, independent, and do-their-own-thing women.

Titus two women train younger women in one of the hardest and yet most rewarding investments in life—children who feel deeply loved by their mothers. The Holy Spirit emphasizes very clearly that the key to raising children is LOVING them. Most mothers love their children, but many children are not feeling that love. Titus two women are coaches that tutor and mentor young moms in ways to show love that can be felt. 

Titus two women train younger women to be discreet, sensible, and wise in the decisions and choices they make. Titus two women weren’t primarily found in classrooms—they were in the kitchen with a younger woman, in the dining room, in the nursery, at the grocery store. Titus two women were hands-on tutors nurturing younger women in the laboratory of life--walking through life together praying, sharing, learning, and loving. 

Titus two women train younger women in the holiness and purity that pleases God and unleashes the power of the Spirit.   Modesty, purity, chaste behavior must be learned, modeled, and practiced. God directed the power of godly, Spirit-filled women of Biblical maturity sitting over a cup of tea discussing with younger women what pleased God in dress, in behavior, conduct, and so on. Christ's church needed younger women who learned Biblical modesty through a godly older woman lovingly applying God's Word to daily life. 

Titus two older women teach younger women the centrality in God’s plan of a woman’s priority being her home. Homemaking is a learned art that requires hands on training. Life is so full that our culture has moved away from homemaking and few young women get mentored in the godly, Biblical art of home making. God placed the first two priorities on the Titus two list as loving husbands and loving children. Younger women are called to see the priority of their homes; and the only way they can learn that priority is by a long-term relationship with a godly woman that has mastered that art. 

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