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Discover the Book - Nov. 7, 2009

  • 2009 Nov 07

God-Controlled Minds

Jesus loves absolutes. He always used them in His teachings, through contrasts: Light vs. Darkness, Heaven vs. Hell, Life vs. Death, Broad way vs. Narrow Gate, and so on.

Those absolutes continue into the church that bears Christ's Name. We have to choose to go His way or ignore His way. The clearest choice of all involves our minds. 

Either we choose to have a God-controlled mind or a World-controlled mind. Either we give in to a Media-saturated mind or pursue a Word-saturated mind. That was the challenge that the Lord directed Paul to lay before the church at Crete and to all of us since.

 "To be discreet" in Titus 2:5 in my Bible is a translation of one Greek word sophron, but actually this word is virtually untranslatable by any one English word. It is variously translated of sound mind, discreet, prudent, self-controlled, chaste, having complete control over sensual desires. The Greeks derived it from two words which mean to keep one's mind safe and sound.

In Titus 2:5  this word describes a woman with a mind surrendered to God's control. Her mind is surrendered to God's gracious sanctifying power; and she learns to govern every instinct and passion until each has its proper place and no more.

As we delve into this verse, God's Word makes one thing perfectly clear: God wants your mind under His control. 

More than anything else God wants to saturate, influence, fill, direct, dominate and control your mind.

If God has your mind - He has your body,

If God has your mind - He has your emotions,

If God has your mind - He has your appetites,

If God has your mind - He has your time,

If God has your mind - He has your money . . .

Do you see the point? The one who gets your mind gets it all. Your mind is the prize! Everything else is just the scraps.

The battle is for our minds. Satan is seeking to steal the minds of God's children. Your mind is the key to knowing God. Only a mind stayed on the Lord can have perfect peace. A mind devoted to Christ is the road to God's plan for your life!

The best way to get your mind back under God's control is to think the truth. The helmet that we are to wear as believers is the helmet of what? Salvation. Pull on the straps and fasten tight your helmet of salvation. Surrender again your mind to God's control. Energized by grace, allow God's truth to saturate your mind and see what He can do with you. 

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