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Discover the Book - November 11, 2011

  • 2011 Nov 11


Satan's Religions

The Seven Churches Portray Seven Stages

For just a moment, let me give you a perspective. Revelation 2-3 contains seven specific letters to historic churches. But these letters also portray patterns, problems, and directions that also portray a prophetic perspective on the future of the church: from Christ’s ascension in Century One, to His coming back to Rapture His Church.  Let me show you what many Bible teachers have taught over the years. The seven historic stages of Christ’s Church:

  1. There was the Ephesian period (30-60 AD): this was a period of warmth and love and labor for Christ, dating directly from the apostles, in which defection began just as Christ warned—by the gradual cooling of the love of some, the false professions of others and the incoming of undue exaltations of the clergy and church offices.
  1. Then came the Smyrna period (60-300 AD): this was the era of martyrdom, and of the sweet savor unto God of faithfulness unto death, but marked with further developments of the departure from the true simplicities of the Gospel.
  1. Then followed the Pergamite period (300-500 AD): this was when true faith began to fade, and spirituality gradually formed itself into a system, and the church united with the world, and finally the mystery rites of Babylon began to permeate Christ's Church.
  1. Then came the Thyatiran period (500-1500 AD): this became the age of purple and glory for the corrupt priesthood, and of the darkness of truth; the age of effeminacy and clerical domination, when the church usurped the place of Christ, and the witnesses of Jesus were give to the dungeons, stakes and inquisitions; the age of the enthronement of false prophetess, reaching up to the days of Luther and the Reformation.
  1. Then came theSardian period(1500-1800 AD): this was seen as the age of separation and return of the rule of Christ; an age of many worthy names, but marked with the deadness of institutionalizing Christ through the denominations; it was an age covering the spiritual lethargy of the Protestant centuries before the coming of the great evangelical movements of the last two hundred years.
  1. Next was the Philadelphian period  (1800-1950 AD): this was a return to the zeal for missions of the early church, a time of great evangelistic outreach and devotional godliness. In this time nearly every corner of the world was penetrated with the Gospel like no time since Pentecost.
  1. Which brings us to the Laodicean period (1950 AD–present):  the Church of the West has become so self-sufficient, comfortable, and untested that Luke warmness, materialism, empty profession, and false peace have become accepted.  Jesus warned of this day in which He finds an unthinking multitude, which supposes they are Christians, and are not.

Christ's Call is to Hear His Voice And Follow Him

God wants those who are His servants to understand what is going on around them. He wants us to have insider knowledge about the timing, severity, and events that will surround the coming global economic and religious collapse, just before Christ's Second Coming.

Satan is Leading a Global Rebellion Against God

The only key to correctly understanding history comes from God's Word. God's Word explains to us the struggle going on behind the pages of history is that: Satan is a rebel.

First, as Lucifer, the greatest and most powerful creature God ever made, Satan rebelled against God and lost his position as the anointed cherub (Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28) and became Satan, the adversary of God.

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