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Discover the Book - October 17

  • 2020 Oct 17

No Escape from God's Wrath

The same Hand that shut the door securely protected the eight inside. Is the same Hand that sealed the doom of all those outside. God rescued eight, but no one escaped the extinction level event that hit the planet Earth just about 5,000 years ago. It was neither an asteroid nor a comet, it was a Flood. God says He destroyed the Earth's entire human population. All but eight humans were killed in the flood. Is there really biblical evidence for claims of this nature? Yes, and that is what we will see today.

No one could escape the Flood because God caused the earth's crust to break up at the start of the Flood. Huge eruptions under the oceans for thousands of miles literally boiled the ocean and released steam into the air along with volcanic ash. Immense tidal waves were also created. The steam and the ash that went up precipitated as rain for the entire period of the eruptions. All that are familiar with volcanic eruptions knows this phenomenon. There would be a cooling down of the earth's atmosphere as well due to the blockage of sunlight. Then oceanic waters not only boiled off and gave the rain, but also swept across all landmass with such force, that the soil and all the trees were uprooted into a muddy soup.

No one escaped, the Lost World perished in the Genesis Flood engineered by God. This is the event we will read about in God's Word. And this event directly caused the death of every man woman, and child on Earth, except 8. It devastated all the forests of earth. It drowned, or suffocated every land animal on earth. It killed every massive and powerful dinosaur. It destroyed every human being. And it left its footprints globally.

How does God's Word describe the Flood?

The waters overturned the earth. Job 12:15

The Flood testified God as eternal king. Psalm 29:10

Flood terminated by God carving out the ocean beds. Psalm 104:6-8

Waters of Noah went over the earth. Isaiah 54:9

The days of Noah like those when Christ comes. Mt. 24:37

The Flood took them all away. Mt 24:39

The Flood destroyed them all. Luke 17:27

Only eight souls saved on the ark through the Flood. 1 Peter 3:20

God spared not the old world (Greek kosmos); brought the Flood on the world of the ungodly; the "flood" (Greek kataklusmos) applied solely to Noah's Flood. 2 Peter 2:5

The world that then was perished by the watery cataclysm. 2 Peter 3:6

No one in the Ark perished. No one on the Earth survived. This event is extremely well documented because every New Testament writer refers to the first eleven chapters of Genesis. Plus Jesus Christ referred to each of the first seven chapters of Genesis. And, all but ten New Testament books have references to Genesis 1-11. Every chapter of Genesis 1-11, except chapter 8, is referred to somewhere in the New Testament. Thus we safely conclude that every New Testament writer apparently accepted these early chapters of Genesis as historically accurate.

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