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Discover the Book - October 18

  • 2020 Oct 18

No Event More Catastrophic

Above the softness of our blue green planet there are hostile forces poised. They range across space lurking and flying about at their master's bidding. They are former angels. They are Satan the Dragon's army. They are deadly, vile, malignant, and very intelligent. In fact, their very name, that word demon in Greek means "intelligence."

These aliens to our planet are highly skilled, incredibly powerful, usually invisible warriors. They can hear us talk, they can pass through walls, they can fly through space, they inhabit human and animal bodies, they alter human behavior, and they afflict humans with disease, anguish, and turmoil.

 These extra-terrestrial beings can take on various forms looking human, looking powerful, and looking fearsome. They are watching over the realm of the serpent and his seed. You see, we saints of God are at war today. There is a conflict going on the likes of which most of us haven't fully comprehended. Swirling around us the unseen beings of the spirit world are locked in mortal combat. Behind the scenes in every boardroom, political planning session, military strategy session, classroom, worship service, and everywhere else, these unseen spirits watch, listen and whisper their lies. It is the battle for the Earth that rages. The god of this world has dispatched his demon warriors with one target, blind the minds of earth's inhabitants until they can't see and won't follow - God.

Today we will see that one of the biggest reasons that the World that Perished in the Genesis Flood was destroyed is the plan of Satan to infiltrate and defile terminally God's promised lineage of Christ.

Worldwide Flood Evidences and Traditions

Did you know there are more and more evidence of rapid burial of fossils and rapid formation of geologic structures that seem to be coming in all the time? Finds like the great fossil graveyards of mammoths in Siberia, of amphibians in Texas, of hippopotami in Sicily, of fishes in California, Wyoming, Scotland, and many other places, and of dinosaurs on every continent, are well-known. One of the more recent fossil lodes has been found in the Gobi Desert.

The Gobi Desert of Central Asia is one of the earth's most desolate places. . . . Yet the Gobi is a paradise for paleontologists. . . . Dinosaurs, lizards and small mammals in an unprecedented state of preservation. . . . Among them are 25 skeletons of therapod dinosaurs . . . more than 200 skulls of mammals . . . an even greater number of lizard skulls and skeletons.

Of course it was disappointing to paleontologists, in a way, to find so many fossils of dinosaurs along with so many mammals. These two groups of animals were supposed to have been separated from each other by "a gap of at least several million years." There was no indication of the "iridium boundary" that was presumed to mark the asteroid impact which many believe wiped out the dinosaurs at the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary, opening the way for mammals.

Whatever cataclysm wiped out the dinosaurs (and many other species), its mark on Central Asia seems to have been erased.

The Flood was such a cataclysmic event that around the world, nearly every culture has strong Flood traditions. From civilized to uncivilized, jungle to cities, north to south, east to west, the world has a collective memory of a vast, terminating event of watery doom.

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