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Discover the Book - Oct. 23, 2009

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Grace Energized Men are Mended by the Truth


We are in the midst of a study of Titus 2:2, where Paul explains the "house rules". All believers are called saints. And those saints who believe right and behave right are "sound in faith". A believer, who has healthy faith, believes truth and lives truth.


As we will see, grace-energized men and women are to be mended (equipping) and built up (edification) by the truth, to function properly in God's Family.


Only spiritually healthy people can mend and build up others. Are you functioning as a healthy member of Christ's church today?


For just a moment remember that there are no less than twelve metaphors in God's Word for the Church. Each metaphor is a powerful way for us to see how God looks upon us who are Christ's church. Let me just list them off for you.


We are—A family (I Tim. 5:1-2)  

 The Bride of Christ(II Cor. 11:2)

 Branches on a vine (John 15:5)

An olive tree (Rom 11:17-24)

A field of crops (I Cor 3:6-9)

A new temple (I Peter 2:5) built with "living stones"

A new group of priests (I Peter 2:5) that can offer "spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God"

A building (I Cor 3:9)

God's house:  (Heb.3:3) with Jesus Christ himself viewed as the "builder" of the house

The pillar and bulwark of the truth (I Tim. 3:15)

A harvest (Matt. 13:1-30; John 4:35)

The body of Christ (I Cor. 12:12-27)


Our Responsibilities to Christ's Church


We are responsible as believers, to apply each of the metaphors used for the church into our daily lives. As we do so we begin to appreciate more of the richness of privilege that God gave us by placing us into His church. Stir up your mind by thinking about these truths.


1.                  Knowing that God looks on Christ's church as a familyshould              increase our love and fellowship with one another.

2.                  Knowing that God looks on Christ's church as the bride of Christ—should stimulate us to personally strive for greater purity, deeper love for Christ, and swifter fuller obedience to Him.

3.                  Knowing that God looks on Christ's church as branches of a vineshould cause us to rest in Him more fully.

4.                  Knowing that God looks on Christ's church as an agricultural cropshould encourage us to continue growing in the Christian life and obtaining for ourselves and others the proper spiritual nutrients to grow.

5.                  Knowing that God looks on Christ's church as God's new templeshould increase our awareness of God's very presence dwelling in our midst as we meet.

6.                  Knowing that God looks on Christ's church as a priesthoodshould help us to see more clearly the delight God has in the sacrifices of praise and good deeds that we offer to Him (see Heb. 13:15-16).

7.                  Knowing that God looks on Christ's church as the body of Christshould increase our interdependence on one another and our appreciation of the diversity of gifts within the body.   

8.                  Knowing that God looks on Christ's church as a house that is being built—should stir each of us to be a part of the process of building up, edifying, and discipling one another.


If I could ask each of you to remember just one concept from this entire message it would be this:


Are you doing what God made you to do?


God looks to each one of us to do our part in His Church that He is building; and each of us is a unique tools in His Hands; and each of us can do something God designed only for us to do. In other words Are You a Part of His Team?


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