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Discover the Book - Oct. 24, 2007

  • 2007 Oct 24

Jesus, Humility, and John the Baptist

The Greatest Man

Part 2 continued from October 23rd

Satan is the Father of Pride  

The original sin was pride; and the first sin as Lucifer challenged God. Pride is the ultimate sin, and every sin after that has been in some way an extension of pride.  

Because the bright “star of the morning” continually said, “I will, I will, I will” in opposition to God’s will, he was cast out of heaven (Isa. 14:12-23). Because he said, “I am a god,” the Lord cast him “from the mountain of God” (Ezek. 28:11–19).  

Likewise, the original sin of Adam and Eve was pride, trusting in their own understanding above God’s (Gen. 3:6–7). Solomon often warns of pride in Proverbs.

  • “When pride comes, then comes dishonor” (11:2),
  • “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before stumbling” (16:18), and again
  • “Haughty eyes and a proud heart, the lamp of the wicked, is sin” (21:4). 

Pride is the supreme temptation from Satan, because pride is at the heart of his own evil nature. Our only protection against pride, and our only source of humility, is a proper view of God. We must understand that our pride is the sin of competing with God, and humility is the virtue of submitting to His supreme glory. [1]. 

In James 4:6 and I Peter 5:5 the Greek tenses and words are powerfully the same. God is constantly Himself resisting the proud, but is constantly giving grace to the humble. 

The best way to be frustrated, discontent, and empty is pride. God resists the proud—always remember that! Our greatest enemy is pride and our greatest friend is humility. 

The greatest conduit for God’s grace is humility. So what we need to do is identify pride in our lives, humble ourselves in God’s sight—and let Him pour out His grace upon all we do! 

How To Identify My Pride 

The best source of insight into pride is an examination of your self asking honestly—which of these areas apply to me. 

Pride always makes me think that the sermon was for someone else other than me—because I’m okay!  

Pride makes me always critique church on the basis of “what I got” rather than “what I gave”. 

The Gospel is all about the reality that I am a failure because of sin and only Christ's becoming my Substitute and taking my sin, and guilt, and shame gives me any hope. 

The Cross is a constant reminder on my own I am unable to do right, unable to stop sinning, and helpless to do anything about my weaknesses, fears, and problems. That is why God wants my… 

Pride Exposed 

Pride makes me think of myself first and others second.  

Pride makes me always look for my name on a list, always look for my face in a picture, and always look for my presents at a party. 

Pride always makes me compare myself with others, excusing my failures while condemning theirs. 

Pride makes me sensitive to how I look, how I feel, and defensive about what I do

My pride also makes me expect special treatment, want to be in control, think my opinion is important, and always want to be right. 

We have proud attitudes: pride makes me impatient, resentful, bitter, 

We have proud looks: haughty looks, arrogant expressions, 

We have proud words: they are angry words, belittling words, harsh words, harmful words, defiling words, thoughtless words, self-aggrandizing words… proud words dominate conversations, are boastful, critical, and argumentative, 

We have proud actions: pride makes me pushy with my agenda, nosy about others business, a gossiper about others actions, competitive for my way, obsessive about my wants, compulsive for my needs, and anxious about the outcome when it relates to me. 

My pride makes me want to be recognized and noticed. 

My pride makes me proud of my looks, my travels, my education, my ministry, my Bible knowledge, my cooking skills, my decorating skills, my social sills, my social status—or jealous of any of yours! 

Pride makes me: resentful when disrespected, while at the same time expecting recognition and respect. 

Pride makes me discontent, restless, anxious, jealous, and selectively lazy. Pride makes me late for you but fumes when you are not early for me. 

Pride doesn’t want to wait, and doesn’t want to try for fear of failure. 

Pride makes me exaggerate my work, my opinion, my needs, my wants, my plans—while minimizing all of yours, and jealous if I can’t. 

Pride makes me break the rules, bend the rules, and impose my own rules on others—while resisting all of your rules.  

Pride makes me resistant, hesitant, and belligerent towards other’s ideas and leadership because I want my own way. 

Pride makes me hold a grudge against you—and want to get even, while forgetting my similar failures, and then get angry when you get even with me. 

Pride always remembers wrongs, always thinks it deserves better, and always wants more. 

Pride makes me cover my sins while seeing other’s faults first and clearest. 

Pride wants the best seat, takes the best parking place, and won’t wait in line. 

My pride makes me need the best clothes, buy only the finest things for myself—but shop the bargain basement for others. So pride makes me always seek the best for myself—and not care about the needs of others. 

Pride makes me not like my old car, always want a new car, and get completely jealous of you when you get any car. 

Pride makes me either think my house is not good enough for me, or my house is better than yours. 

Pride makes me buy the biggest house possible and then say it’s just an investment without first asking where I have more invested—on earth or in Heaven. 

Pride makes me buy things I can’t afford, find reasons to not give, and do things I often regret. 

Pride makes me love money and hate sacrifice; love praise and hate criticism; love prosperity and hate adversities. 

Pride makes me pursue pleasures and avoid pain. 

Pride makes me worry about what I wear, how I look, and what others think

This sermon will conclude tomorrow October 25th “ we finish looking at “Pride Exposed

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