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Discover the Book - Oct. 24, 2009

  • 2009 Oct 24

Grace-Energized Mothers Love Their Children

Women energized by grace love their children. That is what Titus 2:4 says. We are going to see how to love children with love they can feel.

Do your loved ones in your family feel your love?  

Just as many husbands think that their wives admire other men more than them as they relate how, "So-and-so's husband does this and that with his children or for his wife." Those men do not feel the respect and admiration of their wives. 

Likewise, many wives feel that their husbands think other women are either better at caring for their husbands, prettier, or better at caring for their families than they are. Those women do not feel the love of their husbands. 

But most importantly for Titus two mothers energized by grace, we need to consider that many kids hurt because they sense that their parents don't even like them. Some ways a lack of love can harm your child. 

*       A struggling student watches his parents gloat about his sister's straight A's.

*       A boy strikes out in a softball game and notices his father's disappointment.

*       An overweight daughter is told, "Stop snacking so much if you even care about your looks."  

This absence of loving approval can lead to untold pain; whereas loved ones who feel approval and love face the daily challenges in their world with eagerness and confidence.

Practice Ways to Make your Love Felt 

Make sure your loved ones in your family feel your love. To help them receive and be touched by your love, we can try to use those several key ingredients that we see in Paul's ministry to Timothy. These small choices always help us to communicate affirmation and encouragement. 

1.     We love our children in a way that can be felt when we use meaningful touches with them.  

That is what Jesus did (Mark 10:16) when he blessed the children. He was always touching those He ministered to. He could have healed them with a word; eight times in Mark alone Jesus touched those He served. So should we! The act of touch is a key to communicating warmth and affirmation. It is even essential to physical health. Be generous with your hugs.  

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