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Discover the Book - October 28

  • 2020 Oct 28


What Will Be Your Epitaph?

We are starting a look through the Scriptures at the most written about person in the Bible. Other than God the father, Son, and Spirit, there are more chapters recorded about David's life than any other Biblical figure.

We know more about David than the New Testament church planting missionary Paul; and more than on the chief apostle Peter; and more than about father Abraham, or Daniel. God has chosen to give us David: examined from more directions, recorded in more situations, and captured in more passages than anyone else.

Why would God devote so much of His Book to this man? Think about how often you go to the Bible and see the verses but then say: yes but I am alone, or single, or unemployed, or old, or tempted, or super-successful, and so on. And think, but the Bible doesn't speak directly to me.

But that can never be said about David. He was all those things and so much more; and God's record of his life covers every era and age he went through. There are Psalms from his youth and boyhood, from his prime and peak, and from his older and fading years. God covers all the bases with a man and young man who lived in each era of his life "after God's own heart".

Serving God in Every Season of Life

This means that a study of the Life of David leads us on a journey that will shows us what God wants us to know about Serving God in Every Season of Life. No matter who you are today, you can relate to David.

  • How about all the challenges of being a teenager? David was the youngest of 8 boys in a tough family. He was overlooked, ignored, mistreated, misunderstood, and even neglected. David was a man's man, he had every passion and drive that a man can have, and yet he demonstrates what God wants to see in a teenager. God had him write from the heart and mind of a teenager what a teen after God's own heart would act like, think like, and talk like.

 If you are alone and single, so was David and from that time God speaks through him to each of us who have ever been alone and single, and tells us what will please God from our life in that season.

  • If you are out of work, have lost your job, and have expenses unmet and family to support, David went through that very situation. God had him write down the meditations of a man who loves God but is unemployed, and the lessons are profound.
  • How about when you are so busy you can't think? David writes about how he followed and served the Lord as the wealthiest man on Earth, the most successful soldier of all time, and a best-selling author and musician.

David loves God and serves God's purposes in every stage of life. He sees God's Hand in each situation, and he learns how to please the Lord no matter what he faces. That is the key to his life. Pleasing God, doing what God wanted.

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