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Discover the Book - October 11, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 11


Praying Like Busy Daniel

In God's opinion of History, the Kingdom of Babylon was the richest and most glorious of all. Babylon was the head of gold in the image God revealed to NEBUCHADNEZZAR. As Nebuchadnezzar’s realm spread across the then known world, it left in its wake the dust of crushed opponents foolish enough to challenge God's chosen instrument of judgment. To the helm of that incredible Empire rose an incredible young man of God -- Daniel.

Daniel we know as a great man of God. He was in the Word of God. He was also a man of unusual power in prayer. But have you ever considered what it must have been like for Daniel to maintain such a godly life while he was also Prime Minister to the greatest empire in the world? Do you feel overwhelmed with life today? Do you sometimes feel your are working at your max and just can’t seem to find time to fit in devotional seeking of the Lord/ Are you so busy your spiritual life is suffering? Then it is time to take some lessons. I call this praying like busy Daniel!

Daniel’s life consisted of:

ü  untold streams of decisions, meetings, and conferences,
ü  there were banquets and  clay tablet work (Like our paper work),
ü  he must have endured holdups on the freeways in his chariot as well as all the everyday needs of life.
ü  Life for Daniel was a swirl of going to the sandal shop, stopping at the repair shop to have new wheels put on the chariot and caring for the needs of the horses ...

What I’m saying is, Daniel was a very responsible man, committed and most of all BUSY!  How did he cope with life at the top? How did he keep from burnout? How did he face all the stress of the ultramodern global business concerns that came to him from the 120 provinces from the Mediterranean to India, from the southern parts of Russia to the Persian Gulf?

Listen carefully, here was his big secret: He knelt on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks to his God -- AS HE ALWAYS DID

In the midst of his cabinet position in a worldwide empire and all the pressures that came with such a position, DANIEL FAITHFULLY PRAYED.  Not just at a meal, no, he found a way to stop it all, go to a quiet, private chamber, KNEEL and come into the presence of God in thanksgiving.

The Lord has laid out a way for us to stay in powerful touch with Him. God calls it Praying in the Spirit.

What is praying in the Spirit? It is no less than praying LIKE DANIEL did!

1.       daniel’s prayers model seeking god with all our hearts: Daniel 1:8
2.      daniel’s prayers model following God's will: Daniel4:17
3.      daniel’s prayers model yeilding to the Holy Spirit: Daniel 4:18
4.      daniel’s prayers model living in humility (the emptiness of self and fullness of the Holy Spirit) : Daniel 5:14-17
5.      daniel’s prayers model abhorring sin (that grieves the holy spirit): Daniel 5:22-23
6.      daniel’s prayers model depending upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit: Daniel 6:10
7.      daniel’s prayers model choosing to be full of God's word: Daniel 9:1-10

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