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Discover the Book - October 13, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 13


Learning to View all of Life Through the Lens of Scripture

The 71st Psalm deals with some of the troubles common to living on planet Earth. For troubles are always with us—as Job said almost 5,000 years ago. Either we are just getting through some, in the middle of some, or headed into some.

Life is hard, as Job 5:7 says: (NKJV) “Yet man is born to trouble, As the sparks fly upward”. Those words come from what may be the oldest book of the Bible, written by Job, who lived just after the Flood at the end of the Ice Ages.

Consequently, every day is an opportunity to either focus on ourselves—our troubles, problems, misfortunes, woes (and there will always be some)—or to focus on God and His plans, promises, purposes, and faithfulness to guide our lives to the very end.

Someone has well said that for us as believers, life is not really mountains and valleys where we have all good times (mountains) and all bad times (valleys); rather, life is more like a parallel line of railroad tracks.

One side is all of our unending struggles;

The other side is all of God’s unending goodness being worked out in our lives.

The bottom line is that the way we understand life is when we allow the Lord to let us see all our trials through the lens of His Word—and that is exactly what David did in Psalm 71. David explains to us how to:

View the Present Through the Lens of God’s Word

In Psalm 71,a psalm of intentional living, David first surveyed the challenges everyone faces as they get older.

Remember when David was in life by looking at v. 18: “old and gray headed”.

In the first thirteen verses, David blends God’s faithfulness and promises, as he reflected upon the four common problems of aging. If you aren’t there ye into old age, he reminds us what will be coming:

1.   Confusion Increases as We Age Ps 71: 1-2

2.   Insecurity Increases as We Age Ps v. 3-8

3.   Weakness And Troubles Increase as We Age v. 9

  1. Aloneness Increases as We Age v. 10-13

Now turn onward with me from Psalm 71 to look for a moment at the inspired portrait of all we each have to look forward to as we age. God gave that portrait to us in Ecclesiastes 11:9-12:14. We can call this passage:

God’s Portrait of The Challenges of Old Age

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