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Discover the Book - October 17, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 17


David: Seeking God All Through Life                      

David was a man who loved the Lord, and the Lord loved him.

God named His own Son, “the Son of David” (Mat. 1:1), that in itself, is amazing. The Son of God called the “son of” an angry man, the son of a murderer, the son of a liar, the son of an adulterer, and so on? That is what a Son of David means. But God is a God of forgiveness, new beginnings, and grace. That is what makes David such a compelling figure in the Scriptures: David broke all Ten of the Commandments, and God loved David, called him the man after His own heart, and named Jesus the Son of David.

God is the One who loves, seeks, forgives, and saves.

David is a prime example of a loved, sought, forgiven, and saved man.

Thus in the summary of David’s life, captured by Psalm 18, God’s Word reveals to us two powerful truths: David loved the Lord with all his heart; and David sought the Lord through all his life.


David very personally expressed his lifelong seeking of the Lord when he used “my …” nine times in Psalm 18:1-2:

“I will love You, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn [means “power”] of my salvation, my stronghold.”

David Made Scripture Personal

David took truth about God and held it close, not at arm’s length. Just the habit of going from God is, to My God is, makes all the difference: then, three thousand years ago, and now!

If we examine David’s expressions about God as—“my strength,” “my rock,” “my fortress,” “my deliverer,” “my God, my strength,” “my shield,” and “my salvation, my stronghold”—we find they are a set of seven metaphors to describe God:

·         The first threeas He aided David in the military times as his “strength,” “shield,” and “horn.”

·         The last four are David in the years on-the-run where he so deeply found that only God could be the “rock,” “fortress,” “deliverer,” and “stronghold” for David.

After telling the Lord in verse 1 that he loved Him so much he wanted to “hugging-ly” embrace Him, David exhausted the Hebrew language in the next forty-nine verses in an attempt to explain all that God had been to him throughout his life.

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