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Discover the Book - October 24, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 24


What Stops My Prayers

Today we are learning from Jesus in the School of Prayer.
Our classroom is daily life, our textbook is God's Word.
Today’s  lesson is: “What stops my prayers?”

To answer that and to learn what may be the greatest lesson of our spiritual lives, let me talk about prayers that are answered.

How much money would $111,600,000 be to you? I would assume it is a huge sum to any of us.

Perhaps the most remarkable testimony of modern times to the power of prayer may be seen in the life of a quiet man from Bristol, England. Born in the early 19th Century and living 93 years, George Mueller lived the life of powerful praying.

·         His prayers touched 120,000 individual orphans and poor children, that he personally fed, clothed, educated and discipled in his five orphan homes that he built, and 72 days schools he maintained in England and 3 other countries -- solely by secret prayer.

·         George Mueller started with his first orphan home in a rented facility for 30 in 1835, four more rented homes for 120 between 1835-1845. Then George began to build homes; 1849 #1 for 300 orphans, 1858 # 2-3 for 950 more orphans, 1869 # 4, and 1870 # 5 for 850 more orphans. By 1870 he had orphan homes for 2100 to be cared for completely. All by prayer alone.

·         Through extensive diaries that he left behind after his remarkable 93-year life, a picture of powerful praying can be pieced together. In summary this man raised 7.2 million 19th century dollars by prayer alone

·         To help us realize how much 7.2 million dollars in the 1800’s is worth today that is the same price we paid for all of Alaska. So simple math would conclude that the 7.2 million 19th Century dollars that George Mueller raised by prayer alone would be equal to $111.6 million dollars today. With no mass mailings, TV ads, web blitzes, or huge financial machine behind him.

·         His prayers touched the finances of countless individuals that were led to give him staggering sums of money freely, without George Mueller ever asking for even one penny. For over 60 years, day after day the exact amount of money to supply thousands of orphans a home, food, clothing, and an education flowed into George Mueller’s study. He read God's Word and prayed, telling only the Lord his requests, and people all over the world were drawn to send or bring him gifts. These gifts flowed to him at an incredible, miraculous rate. Here are the averages of his ministry:

1.       Annually he averages in gifts the amount of $ 1.86 million.

2.      Monthly he received an average of  $ 155,000.

3.      Weekly for over 60 years gifts made to his ministry averaged $35,769  - without any need ever being published or spoken except in prayer.

So that was one man who prayed, and his prayers were heard and answered. Jesus said, “You have not because – you ask not. You ask and receive not because – you ask amiss!” James 4.1-10

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