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Discover the Book - October 30, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 30

The Good Heart Lives for Jesus

Are you living the “good life” today? For many that idea of the “good life” would evoke financial security, great health, abundant pleasures, and constant freedoms. 

But sadly most of those pursuing that ‘good life” never find it;
and what they thought was lasting fades;
and what they thought was secure gets lost;
and what they thought was pleasure becomes pain;
and what they thought was real turns out to be fake.

Tragic, isn’t it? To miss the real “good life” for an imitation that is broken and useless – and all the time missing what Jesus offers, the most incredible life possible for any human to possess.

Unlike anything this world offers, Jesus continues to offer that which is best until we one day enjoy the finest blessings in His eternal kingdom (Luke 22:18). 

So what is the genuine good life?  Simply stated, it is "Living for Jesus" How do we get that? Jesus told us, it is welcoming Him into more and more of our lives. Let me read each of these six calls Christ made. You can respond and choose today to welcome Christ's Word into your life by saying "I Will . . . "

1.       Jesus wants my heartopened completely in love for Him. That means I will love him most.

2.      Jesus wants my bodyoffered completely to Him. That means I will die to self.

3.      Jesus wants my willsurrendered unreservedly to Him. That means I will obey.

4.      Jesus wants my eyesfocused eagerly on His Word. That means I will hunger for His Word.

5.      Jesus wants my actionsfocused on selfless love for others. That means I will love with Christ's love.

6.      Jesus wants my lifespent intentionally on fruit bearing for His glory. That means I will walk in the Spirit.

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