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Discover the Book - Sept. 1, 2009

  • 2009 Sep 01

Brought To Jesus



There are 66 books, 1189 chapters, 31,175 verses and 810,697 words in God's Word,  but only five of those words will determine if you are forever happy in Heaven, or forever horrified in Hell.


Jesus spoke those words to a desperate man nearly 2,000 years ago. Do you know them? Have you experienced them? Have these words mapped out your life and taken the Hell out of your future?


The five words that sum up Christ's entire earthly ministry are:


Your sins are forgiven you!


The scribes and Pharisees had picked a good time to attend one of our Lord's meetings. God's power was present in a special way and Jesus would heal a man with palsy. If leprosy illustrates the corruption and defilement of sin, then palsy in this passage is a picture of the paralysis that sin produces in a life. But Jesus would do more than heal the man; He would also forgive his sins and teach the crowd a lesson in forgiveness. There are five simple truths that encompass our text,  Mark 2:1-12


  • Unchanged message of Jesus. He is preaching the same message since Mark 1:14 repent and turn toward the King and His Kingdom. No matter what the setting, no matter who the audience, no matter what the needs, Jesus preached God's Word to all He encountered.
  • Unabashed need of the paralytic. He is thrust before Jesus the only One who could help him. He is crying out for help by his very presence. Since no words were ever noted as being said, maybe even his voice was paralyzed.
  • Undaunted faith of the friends. At great risk, at great personal sacrifice they overcome all obstacles for the one desire they have, get our friend to Jesus.
  • Unmoved hearts of the Pharisees. They should have been telling everyone to come to Jesus. They should have stood and helped the stretcher down through the ceiling. They should have fell on their faces in worship filled awe because they saw it all; they were in the front row. The paralytic only had a paralyzed body, these religious men had paralyzed hearts.
  • Unbridled worship of the crowds. Nothing but God was the focus of their reaction. They lifted their awe filled hearts and glorified the Lord God Almighty.

The central question of our passage asks all of us, are you pointing what is left of your life on earth toward bringing people to Jesus? Who are you taking to heaven? Some people will do anything to bring their friends to Jesus.


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