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Discover the Book - Sept. 10, 2008

  • 2008 Sep 10

Overview-Genesis 4-7


The Lost World Genesis 4-5  

Message # 1: The Lost World (4-5) 

Not long after God created Adam and Eve and put them in His beautiful garden, where every one of their needs was met, they decided to do the one thing that He had told them not to do. They ate from the tree of knowledge and fell, and the rest of creation fell with them. The whole earth was cursed. Our first parents lost their fellowship with God and were exiled from Eden. Very soon after that, the first murder was committed, when Cain killed his brother Abel. Corruption, violence, polygamy, incest, lying, stealing, adultery, idolatry, and every other sin became common and increasingly worse. Mankind, in fact, became so terribly debauched that God destroyed all people, except for the eight in Noah’s family.  

Message # 2: Coming Into God's Holy Presence (4:1-4)

The rich earth flew beneath the chubby feet of the boys. It was Saturday again. Every Saturday mom and dad always took them back to that high wall and the little place outside the wall called the altar. There Cain and Abel would watch each week as in tearful reverence their parents killed a beautiful white lamb. And with crimson stained hands placed the lifeless body of that innocent lamb on the blackened rocks piled up. Pouring the blood around the base of the altar, they burned that lamb atop a pile of wood atop those rocks. 

The family had done this same thing every week for as long as the little minds of Cain and Abel could recall. Each time it was the same story retold by Adam to his family.

  • The Wonderful walks with the Creator.
  • The fateful day they chose to disobey.
  • The awful eviction from Paradise.
  • The growing curse of the thistles and weeds in the soil of the planet.
  • But every week it all came back to this part. And with wide eyes the boys heard about how God had set up this altar and told Adam and Eve this was the only place they could meet with Him. And, this bloody sacrifice was the key to pleasing Him and covering their sins whatever those were. 

The one part that never got old was those amazing cherubim. With those four faces, they always seemed to be looking right at you no matter which direction you came from. Those guardians of God Holy presence from Whose presence one of their former members, the anointed cherub Lucifer had fallen. Now they remain guardians of God's Holy Presence. 

 Message # 3: Restless Cain (4:5-9) 

Our text is Genesis chapter 4. Our focus is the first man who was ever born on this planet. His name was Cain. His tragic choices led him out of the shadow of Paradise, away from the place of God's presence and into an eternity of restlessness. 

Message # 4: Righteous Abel (4:10) 

Last week we watched as Cain departed, God didn't drive him out, his own hardness, fear, guilt, grief, and shame drove him away! Abel offered a better sacrifice because it represented the obedience of faith. He willingly brought God what He asked, and he brought the very best that he had. In Abel’s sacrifice, the way of the cross was first prefigured. The first sacrifice was Abel’s lamb-one lamb for one person. Later came the Passover-with one lamb for one family. Then came the Day of Atonement-with one lamb for one nation. Finally came Good Friday-one Lamb for the whole world 

Message # 5: WALKING WITH GOD (5:1-20) 

What an unbelievable life that man had. He lived in the worst time on earth. There were only 8 Noahans and 1 Enoch out of upwards of 5 to 7 billions of human beings who were spiritual and righteous. The world was so bad God had to sweep it all away. And through it all there was a light shining that never went out. There was a voice speaking that never was silenced. There was a life lived that could not be bought out, bribed, or wasted with selfish gratification, Enoch was God's man. Enoch will forever be the example of how to stand alone for God. 

Message # 6: Enoch's Walk of Faith (5:20-24) 

Here is the great and grand point: Enoch lived in dark, hostile days that were uncongenial to his faith. Life was so inhospitable that finally, in the time of Noah: Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence. God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways. So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.” (Genesis 6:11–13). However, Enoch resisted the sinful gravity of his culture and walked with God for over 300 years! He set his goal on the city of God—God’s place; so he walked the same path—striding in step with God’s pace. Three hundred years of faithfulness! The question is, do we truly believe God like Enoch 

The World That Perished in The Genesis Flood  Genesis 6-8  

Message # 1: No Time For God (6:1-5)

No time for God, what a dangerous condition. This morning we begin a study of the World that Perished in the Genesis Flood. The entire world had come to the dangerously deadly state of having no time for God. God has told us that one of the final stages of terminal cancer of the soul is when humans have no place for their Creator in their hearts, minds, or lives.  

Message # 2: No Regard for the Creator (6:6-7) 

The fact that the entire World Perished in the Genesis Flood has been scoffed about for thousands of years. Even today there are men and women scientists and educators who systematically deny that there was a Global Flood of Noah as described in the Bible. What is it that they are trying to remove? God's compelling testimony of Global Death through a catastrophic flood. He has placed on every continent, every land and under every sea the vivid record of a global flood.

Message # 3: No man Like Noah (6:8-12) 

Noah was the only dad on earth who saved his family from drowning in the great flood. He was unique. We are all unique. God created Adam and Eve in such a way that it would be impossible to ever have two descendents exactly alike. When God breathed a soul into Adam He made him one of a kind. Every human born in Adam's descent has shared this uniqueness. But among Adam's generations, God introduces us this morning to a man we can truly say was one in a billion. His name was Noah and his world was on the brink of destruction, eaten by the cancer of sin to the point of being hopelessly, completely and irreversibly evil. 

 Message # 4: No Testimony More Vivid (6:13-22)  

That huge box, sitting in the back of Noah's home with rivers of animals marching two-by-two from every corner of the globe was hard to miss. Yet, in their hardness the whole world missed the message, refusing to even listen! No scene so powerful as ark. So all who entered survived; none were lost, none perished. God preserved them all and perfectly portrays our Lord Jesus. While the door was open, anyone and all who believed God's word could come in. but once the door was shut, no one else could come in. However, there is one little phrase in the account  which is often overlooked. It is the record that when the door was shut, no one could get out again; and once they were in, God shut them in so that they were secure 

Message # 5: No Escape From God's Wrath (7:1-22) 

No one could escape the Flood because God caused the earth’s crust to break up at the start of the Flood. Huge eruptions under the oceans for thousands of miles literally boiled the ocean and released steam into the air along with volcanic ash. Immense tidal waves were also created. The steam and the ash that went up precipitated as rain for the entire period of the eruptions. All that are familiar with volcanic eruptions knows this phenomenon. There would be a cooling down of the earth’s atmosphere as well due to the blockage of sunlight. Then oceanic waters not only boiled off and gave the rain, but also swept across all landmass with such force, that the soil and all the trees were uprooted into a muddy soup.  No one escaped, the Lost World perished in the Genesis Flood engineered by God. This is the event we will read about in God's Word. And this event directly caused the death of every man woman, and child on Earth, except 8. It devastated all the forests of earth. It drowned, or suffocated every land animal on earth. It killed every massive and powerful dinosaur. It destroyed every human being. And it left its footprints globally.  

Message # 6: No Event More Catastrophic (7:23)

No event compares to the catastrophic flood of Noah's day. When Noah walked up the ramp and into the Ark there was no turning back. Noah turned his back on his world, his possessions, his treasures. Instead of grasping what would be destroyed, he walked into the place of God's Will. He left all and follows the Lord. What about those who stayed back on earth? What did those who were unwilling to leave all behind to go into the ark? They lost everything. All that lasted had to be in the ark. Nothing he left behind would survive. 


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