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Discover the Book - Sept. 19, 2009

  • 2009 Sep 19

Refuge for the Loneliness of Life - Family Conflict

Loneliness is the most desolate word in all human language.  It is capable of hurling the heaviest weights the heart can endure.   

It plays no favorites, ignores all rules of courtesy, knows neither border nor barrier, yields no mercy, refuses all bargains, and holds the clock in utter contempt.  It cannot be bribed; it will not be left behind. 

Crowds only make it worse, activity simply drives it deeper. Silent and destructive as a flooding river in the night, it leaves its slimy banks, seeps into our dwelling, and rises to a crest of despair.  Tears fall from our eyes as groans fall from our lips—but loneliness, that uninvited guest of the soul, arrives at dusk and stays for dinner.     

There is simply no other anguish like the consuming anguish of loneliness.  Ask the inmate in prison this evening…or the uniformed man thousands of miles at sea or in some bar tonight…or the divorcee in that apartment…or the one who just buried his or her life's companion…or the couple whose arms ache for the child recently taken…or even the single, career-minded person who prepares a meal for one and goes to bed early, alone, [and] surrounded by the mute memory of yesterday's song and today's disappointment.

Did you know that God has carved the life of David in the bedrock of His Word? David's testimony of how God is a refuge for all who are lonely is captured by the Psalms.

See if you can relate to David. And if any of these life situations come up—you have a word from God on what to do, how to respond in a way that strengthens you, and glorifies God! 

1.  David suffers the intense loneliness of family disappointments. Psalm 23 is the testimony of what you can learn about God in times of loneliness. David was overlooked, ignored and even disliked by his family in First Samuel 16-18. He is left out of family gatherings, unrecognized for great achievements and basically left alone much of the time to do his "job" with the family's flock of sheep.

Next We Find David's Testimony of God's Closeness During Life as David Was in His Peak Or His Strong Years

2.  David suffers intense loneliness as he faces family conflict and danger. These times of danger are from his boss and father-in-law King Saul. Instead of being eaten up by the intense loneliness he must have felt with job and family pressures all dumped on him at once--he expresses his needs to God.  

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