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Discover the Book - September 2

  • 2020 Sep 02


God Created the Heavens

Have you thought about God lately? I mean, about how big and powerful He is? Today we are going to look at four words in our Bibles.

Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God" created the heavens and the earth.

In an instant and from nothing God made everything. Have you thought about how big a statement "In the beginning God " really is?  

To start with, science can take us back to the Big Bang, but knows nothing of what existed before that bang. But here in utter simplicity we find the explanation in seven Hebrew words and ten English words.  

God has no beginnings. The universe does, we humans do, but God the subject of this verse, has no start or finish. He is God!  

Why don't we try to just sneak a quick peek at how great Thou our God in Heaven truly art? Our universe is vast:

  •  If a page the thickness of the paper in your Bible were to equal the distance from the earth to the sun (which is a mere 93 million miles or 8 light/minutes)-
  •  Then the distance of the nearest star (which equals 4.42 light years) would take an equivalent number of pages as would be in a stack of Bibles 71 feet high
  •  And the diameter of just our galaxy would be a stack of Bibles 310 miles high
  •  And we know of over 100 billion galaxies... 

Now look ahead to Genesis 1:16. On the 4th day of creation recorded in Genesis 1, the Word of God states that our creator spoke and the sun and moon appeared from nothing. One of the most amazing verses in the Bible is in v. 16 the last 5 words, "He made the stars also."  

There are 100 Billion stars just in our Milky Way Galaxy. Among those many stars, our sun is an average 'yellow' star. It is in the middle as far as size, temperature and brightness. Just to give you a bit of perspective on some neighbors. In the Orion constellation there are two stars of note.

  •  Rigel is 15,000 times brighter than our sun, and thus hotter and so on. 
  •  Antares is 36 million times bigger!

At the center, or core of our sun things are incredibly hot. The atoms stripped of there outer electrons are so densely packed it is absolutely dark and intensely hot. In fact, it is 16 million degrees centigrade. How hot is that? The energy radiated from the sun in one second is more than all the energy used on the earth since creation!  

Have you thought about God lately? I mean, about how big and powerful He is? He is so much bigger than anything we are facing today is. He is infinitely more able to care for any difficulty than we are. Have you been still and experienced God?

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