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Discover the Book - September 20

  • 2020 Sep 20


The Holy Spirit in Ephesians

Let's go down some familiar trails, like your favorite walk, and let's refresh, rekindle and strengthen our grip on the ministry God's spirit wants to have in your life, starting today.

Eph. 1:18-19 records an outline of the Holy Spirit's ministry in the Book of Ephesians.

The Holy Spirit wants you to strengthen your grip on:

  •     His calling
  •     His inheritance
  •     His power

First, the Holy Spirit wants us to know what we've got.

Ephesians 1:23-24- we are sealed and signed. 

    Reality of contents

    Certainty of authenticity

    Resemblance to Master

We have received the mark of the Master and the pledge of more to come. This is just the start of God's eternal work in us.

Eph. 4:30 - so don't grieve Him! Obey, listen, follow, seek, trust. Don't disobey, ignore, veer, forget, doubt. 

Second, the Holy Spirit in Ephesians wants to reveal to us our inheritance.

How does the Holy Spirit do it for us?

GOD WANTS US TO BE SEEING HIM: 1:17 Spirit of wisdom: make God glow better than the world: "Turn Your Eyes…"

GOD WANTS US TO BE KNOWING HIM: 2:18 Spirit of access: password, code, direct line, inside connection. The Holy Spirit lets us get intimate with God as much as we really want. This is the "Riches of Glory of His Inheritance" 1:18

GOD WANTS US TO BE USING HIM: Finally, the Holy Spirit in Ephesians is the Holy Spirit that taps us into the power!

    GET SETTLED IN: 3:16-17 The first aspect of that power is making Christ at home… After the move we must unpack, fix, hook up, get to know then at last… You feel at home!

    GET TUNED IN, FILLED UP: 5:18 How much do we listen/talk to God this week versus the radio, music, TV, hobbies, etc.?

GET SATURATED: 6:17-18 Last aspect of knowing the greatness of His power is to saturate yourself with the Word as your only weapon of power.

    Read it daily

    Memorize regularly

    Meditate any time

So, starting today, let God take your fears and weaknesses and transform them by His Spirit: let Him show you.

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