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Discover the Book - Sept. 5, 2008

  • 2008 Sep 05

The Brave New World

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Genesis 8

The nations of the world come and go, and God controls their rise and fall. “Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance: behold, He taketh up the isles as a very little thing” (Isaiah 40:15). “The Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever He will” (Daniel 4:17). Various nations have accordingly frequently been the subject of Biblical prophecies

The Miracle of Israel

The continued existence of the Jews, after centuries of dispersal and persecution unique in human history, is a mute but eloquent testimony to fulfilled prophecy. The restoration of Israel as a nation among nations in our own generation is merely the most recent in a long line of prophecies dealing with the Jewish people, which finally came to pass.

When the nation was first founded, through Abraham, God promised: “I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:2-3). Not only did Israel become a great nation under David and Solomon, but also it is destined for even greater days in the future. The nations that have befriended the Jews (notably the United States and, to a lesser degree, England, France and others) have indeed been blessed. Those that have persecuted the Jews (Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Rome, Spain, Nazi Germany and others—Russia’s time is coming!) have eventually gone down to defeat and humiliation. 

Caveman: The Descent of Man Genesis 9:1-19 From digs across the world come bone fragments, teeth and strange pictures depicting apelike creatures fabricated from a few fragments. Where did modern man come from? Where do cave dwellers, fossils, and cave drawings fit into all this? Learn of the Descent of Mankind from Genesis 9 and Romans 1. 

The subject of human origins has been severely distorted for over a hundred years by the theory of evolution. Popular displays in museums and magazines, and unfortunately even in school textbooks, have persuaded most people that man has an animal ancestry, leading back through a long line of intermediate stages to some form of ape-like creature which was also the ancestor of the modern apes. 

The reason why Neanderthal Man was somewhat stooped and brutish in structure was not because he was newly evolved from the ape, but because he had health problems.

“August 8, 1970, issue of Nature  shows that Neanderthal Man was evidently the victim of his decision to move too far north at the wrong time, which was to deform him for thousands of years to follow.”

This picture of Neanderthal Man fits well with the concept of early post-diluvian man struggling to cope with a difficult environment. The glacial period followed soon after the Flood, and was brought on by the changed climatic conditions occasioned by the Flood, prior to which there had probably been a global mild, sub-tropical climate everywhere. The most probable explanation for such a universal mild climate, which is suggested by the characteristics of the sedimentary rocks and their contained fossils in all the so-called geologic “ages” prior to the late Tertiary, is a worldwide “greenhouse effect.” Such an effect could be produced only by a worldwide canopy of some sort, the most likely nature of which would be a vast thermal blanket of invisible water vapor above the troposphere. Such a canopy is suggested by the “waters above the firmament” of Genesis 1:7, the complete absence of rain suggested in Genesis 2:5, and the establishment of the rainbow only following its dissipation as one cause of the Flood (Genesis 7:11; 9:13). 

When the canopy was precipitated at the Flood, the present latitudinal and continental extremes of temperature became established, snow began to fall and the great continental ice caps gradually developed. The resulting glacial epoch probably persisted for many centuries in the northern latitudes, at the same time there were pluvial climates and great civilizations developing in the lower latitudes. 

Only God's Word Explains the Brave New World of Noah and His Sons  

Two chapters of the Bible (Genesis 10 and 11) that contain the Divine Record of the so-called Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Ages of archaeology. The world was already well into the so-called Bronze Age by the time of Abraham. We also know that all the older “Ages” are conjectural, and only based on evolutionary assumptions. We know that even today some primitive tribes have a Paleolithic (i.e., “Old Stone Age”) culture, using only crude stone implements and tools, at the very same time other parts of the world enjoy an advanced civilization.   

In our study of the ‘Lost World’ we saw man did have a high degree of culture and technology in the pre-Flood world. When all these things perished (2 Peter 3:6) in the Deluge, Noah's family became the ancestors of all post-Flood history. When the Brave New World of Noah and His sons emerged from the Ark, they faced a drastically changed environment. Armed only with what they had learned and retained in their own minds, along with whatever records and equipment they may have been able to store on the Ark.  

At first they were forced to make use of stone and wooden implements, at least until they could discover veins of metallic ores in the rocks of newly formed lands of the world. Caves were often a first resort for shelter, until they could find time and materials with which to build more suitable dwellings. No doubt a considerable part of their time had to be devoted to the essential task of providing food for their sustenance. It is remarkable that they could survive at all, let alone set about to develop great civilizations once again. No doubt a great many of the evidences of the so-called Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures of early man, when rightly interpreted, are merely commentaries on the difficult struggle to survive by small tribes of post-Flood men in the early centuries following the great Flood. 

Canaan: The Curse of Sin 9:20-29 Noah stumbles, Ham sins, and Canaan gets cursed. What is going on here? What was the curse that fell on Canaan? Why did they all (the Canaanites) need to be exterminated. Is the present Arab/Moslem hostility a part of Satan's long war on God? The last few verses of Genesis 9 explains the Curse of Sin to us. 

Genealogies: The Table of the Nations 10:1-30 Across the face of our world seethes ethnic rivalry, genocide, ancient hatred, religious and regional warfare. Where did the races and nations come from? Nationalism is rising from the Balkans to the Orient. Terrorists seek to cause concessions to gain independence in the Basque country, Northern Ireland, Palestinian areas and other places. How did all this start? Genesis 10 gives the birth of the nations. 

The Bible is clear in teaching that all present races and nations, tribes and languages, have been derived from Noah’s three sons and three daughters-in-law in the few thousand years since the great Flood. It was shown in the previous chapter that the development of the present world population from this beginning is quite reasonable and conservative. However, it might be questioned whether such extreme variations in physical and linguistic characteristics among different groups of men could develop so rapidly. Presumably before the Flood, all men spoke the same language and were of the same race. At any rate, this was true of Noah’s family at least. 

Babel's Astrology: The Sign Posts to God 11:1-9 Over your head this evening are the bright dots of light we call stars. Many in our world live by the stars, astrologically depending upon the stars for daily guidance. God condemns all such activity as occultic. But do the stars trace an ancient even divine pathway to God? Genesis 11:1-9 shows us the Signposts to God.

The Brave New World of Noah and His sons describes the Dangers in Astrology

No matter what the Bible has revealed about the stars, fallen man has taken it in the opposite direction. 

1.  God always condemns the modern system of interpretation of star meanings—that is astrology—in the Bible so that we must by all means avoid any association with these particular teachings.

2.  God always condemns the modern system of astrology as essentially synonymous with ancient polytheistic paganism.

3.  God always condemns the modern system of worshiping “the host of heaven” as worship of the fallen angels, or demons, so that whatever evangelical use may have originally been intended by the “signs” in the stars, they have long since been thoroughly corrupted to the ends of paganism and demonism. 

We have surveyed what is probably the most intriguing, fascinating, and informative part of the Bible. Genesis 8-11 lays the foundation for every person on this planet. Every nation, every culture, every legend and myth all come to us from the Brave New World of Noah and His sons.  



The Brave New World

  1. God has given the only accurate record of Ancient History: The Brave New World Overview
  1. God's has written The Covenant: His Plan of the Ages and The Map of History 8:1-22
  1. God has exposed Babel's Astrology: vs. The Sign Posts to God 11:1-9
  1. God has explained The Caveman: and The Descent of Man 9:1-19
  1. God has warned us by Canaan: and The Curse of Sin 9:20-29
  1. God has traced Genealogies: and The Table of the Nations 10:1-30

Lets study in the next several days these truths and let them encourage our faith in our Great God who gives us His Divine Word!



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