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Discover the Book - September 6

  • 2020 Sep 06


Six Literal Days

Today we are inerrantists, we believe this book is the Holy Word of God.  

We are also cessationists because we believe God's Word is complete and there is no more continuing revelation from God through Apostles or Prophets.  

We are imputationists, we believe that God's work alone saves us, not anything we can ever do will help.  

And especially in this study we see we are creationists, we believe God made the Universe instantly, completely and recently.  

"In the Beginning God"

God the Eternal, the Infinate and Sufficient One steps into the Universe that began at His command to exist. He states the origin, purpose and destiny of all the Cosmos and we humans who ever lived in 7 Hebrew words that translate into 10 English words.  

"God created the Heavens"

The spaces out there seem limitless, The sheer number of stars, galaxies and swirling energy seems beyond our comprehension, Yet He has named each star and they are obediently following their Creator. And the One who made the Heavens awaits meeting with you!  

"God created the Earth"

Have you looked around to see God's signature all over this planet. From the depths of the oceans to the heights of our atmosphere, this planet wears the signature of God everywhere.  

We believe God created the world instantly, completely and recently!

The atheistic formula for evolution is:

  • Evolution = matter + evolutionary factors (chance and necessity + mutation + selection + isolation + death) + very long time periods.

In the theistic evolutionary view, God is added:

  • Theistic evolution = matter + evolutionary factors (chance and necessity + mutation + selection + isolation + death) + very long time periods + God.

But, in the Bible we see instant, complete and recent Creation.

  • Biblical Creation is that before everything was God plus nothing. And at the instant of Creation God created "all things have been created by Him and for Him" ( Col. 1:17)

In the theistic evolutionary system, God is not the omnipotent Lord of all things, who's Word has to be taken seriously by all men, but He is integrated into the evolutionary philosophy. Without an instantaneous, complete and recent creation we are in danger of ... a Misrepresentation of the Nature of God.

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