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Discover the Book - September 1, 2011

  • 2011 Sep 01


The Baptism of Jesus

One of the richest studies for a disciple of Jesus is to follow His days in the Gospels. If you read closely the New Testament record you find a reference to specific days in the ministry of Jesus.

By comparing the four gospel accounts we find there are 52 “days” chronicled in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ. The first one was one of the most celebrated. We call it Christmas. On that night God sent a celestial sound and light show to herald the birth of the King of the Universe into human affairs. The Eternal One became an infant, and was born in a stable! The last day is His ascension to heaven.

The Life of Christ may be divided into seven key days which together frame the entire earthly life of Christ!

His Birth: Bethlehem
His Baptism: Jordan River
His Temptation: Wilderness

His Transfiguration: Mt. Hermon
His Crucifixion: Golgotha
His Resurrection: Garden Tomb
His Ascension: Mt. Of Olives

In Mark 1 we find the second key day of the Life of Christ. It was the day the small door leading to the carpenter’s shop closed for the last time. Gone would be the hours of wonder-filled talks the local folks had enjoyed with the kindest man they ever had met. No more would the wide eyes of children be seen looking wistfully off as stories from the Scriptures of David and Elijah and Moses were shared seemingly with an eyewitness aura about them.

As the meek and lowly Carpenter headed toward the Jordan, He had to wind His way through the crowds. His cousin John was preaching at the River’s edge. A group of scowling Pharisees was standing off to the side as the Baptist fiery words aimed at them told of their utter viper-like lack of contrition was excluding them from his baptism of repentance. Looking back at the crowds John was struck by the serenity of One confidently striding to the waters edge. As he looked into the eyes of Jesus he saw for the first time in any man such purity, holiness and truth that the same lips that denied the wicked false religionists now were disqualifying him. In the presence of Jesus John saw his own sinfulness. But today after a protest, John yielded to the Master that day and baptized the Christ.

The second major "Day" in the Life of Christ is in our text: Mark 1:9-11.


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