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Discover the Book - September 15

  • 2020 Sep 15


The Calming Eyes of Jesus

He saw them straining at rowing, for the wind was against them. Now about the fourth watch of the night He came to them, walking on the sea. -Mark 6:48, emphasis added

The disciples saw the calm rescuing eyes of Jesus when they were sinking in the storm. The account in Matthew 14:22-33 is one of the most precious and insightful portions of God's Word, dealing with His tender love and care for us as His children. As I was writing this, a group of us were reflecting on these truths while taking a devotional walk through the land of the Book. The image of this scene from high atop the Arbel Cliffs is still etched upon my soul!

  • Jesus made His disciples get into the boat. When their lives were in danger, it was out of obedience to Him. If they had not obeyed Jesus, they would not have learned what He wanted to teach them. The Lesson: Obey Jesus!
  • Jesus left them all night. He waited until 3:00 A.M.- when the disciples were at the extremity of their trial. Remember Mary, Martha, and Lazarus? Jesus did not hurry to them. He let Lazarus get sicker and sicker and actually die (John 11). Jesus does not run to us to prevent the trial. In this instance, His purpose was to demonstrate to His disciples, in an unforgettable way, that He would do whatever was necessary to rescue them. He wants to do the same for us as well. The Lesson: Trust Jesus!
  • Jesus went to them, walking on the sea. Jesus' pathway was the very object that was testing their faith. He knew exactly where they were the whole time. They were never out of His sight. They might have forgotten all His promises, but Jesus did not forget. We will never find ourselves anywhere the Lord cannot find us. That is comforting! There are no storms in life that Jesus cannot subdue in His time. There is never a valid reason to fear, nor to be anxious. We are to trust in the One who will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). So through the storm, on the pathway, and in whatever it is that is giving you a hard time, know that He is coming to your aid. The Lesson: Keep looking for Jesus!
  • Jesus brought calm in their boat. When we are obedient to the Lord, we are in the safest place in the universe. No matter how frightening the circumstances may be around us, Jesus is there; He will calm the seas of trouble in His time. The most secure place to be is in God's will. Peter sank because he did not understand that the lesson was to love the Lord Jesus enough to trust Him. Peter did love Him: did anyone else say, "Command me to come to You on the water; I will obey whatever You say; Your Word is my command!"? We should not think badly of Peter for sinking; we should love Jesus as he did, and do whatever He says. The Lesson: Love Jesus!

When you invite Jesus into the boat of your stormy life, your life will become calm. (Anything that is "out of control" has not been fully surrendered to God.) Even though you may be tossed all about, if the Lord is in your boat, all is well!

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