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Discover the Book - September 20

  • 2012 Sep 20

The Voice of Jesus in Eden

The Lord God called to Adam and said to him, "Where are you?"
-Genesis 3:9, emphasis added

The final book of God's Word is The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Within the chapters of that book are reflections from every part of the Scriptures. It is amazing that each element of God's revelation starts in Genesis and finds completion in Revelation. In other words, answers to the age-old questions that began in the book of Genesis are found in Revelation.

Let's go back and meet the first two humans on earth. Listen to the inspired, accurate, and divine recounting of their experience of hearing the voice of Jesus in the Garden of Eden.

Think with me of life as a perfect human. Picture yourself at the dawn of creation as Adam or Eve, perfect and sinless. Your first memory is that of waking up in God's garden, Eden. You live in a comfortable world with no extremes of hot and cold, no storms, no disasters to fear. Your home is secure; there are no pestering bugs, poisonous snakes, or deadly spiders. There is just the continual beauty of fragrant and color-filled flowering orchids hanging from the verdant green trees and blooms that never fall off, never yellow, or wilt. Full, juicy fruit hang ripe on the branches, but never fall off and rot.

Even more, you have a body that never aches, a digestive system that never rebels, eyesight that needs no correction, and ears that hear the sweet sounds of life all around. No pains; never a sorrow; no weariness; not even a fear-just peace-filled living.

God's perfect garden is a paradise. Every day is an adventure of new colors, new fragrances, and new symmetry in flowers, butterflies, and all the wonders of a perfect animal world. There are no predators, no scavengers, and no carnivores. Only placid and magnificent creatures reflecting the majesty of God live in the garden. And around every corner of towering and graceful trees, each perfectly planted by God, are flocks, herds, and gatherings of exquisite living animals that God has created and brought to life.

But the best of everything is the sweet sound of the voice of your Creator, God the Son, Jesus Christ. About suppertime each day a gentle breeze whispers by, and then you hear His voice. The Gardener and Planner of the universe soon walks with you in the cool of the day. He seeks fellowship with you, His best friend, whom He has made to look just like Him. And your ears hear the sweetest sound of all-the voice of Jesus who created you!

But soon your paradise will be lost. The "bad guy" has entered into God's perfect garden, and nothing will ever be the same again!

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