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Discover the Book - September 27

  • 2012 Sep 27

John Felt the Touch of Christ

And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, "Do not be afraid."
-Revelation 1:17, emphasis added

Have you ever considered the power of touch? At this very instant, as you use your senses to read this page, there are five trillion chemical operations occurring each second in your brain. The brain has no contact with the outside world. It is inside an ivory box of bone connected through cables coming up through the spinal column, and from the optical nerve, the auditory nerves, and all the central nervous system-from our touch to our taste. All of these come in and converge in the brain.

Inside our heads all roads lead in from our senses, five gates through which we comprehend the world about us. The capabilities of our senses are impressive! Animals and insects might outdo us in hearing (dog, bat, horse), seeing (eagle), or smelling (moth and salmon), but when our five senses are combined, we are unmatched in our sensory powers.

Our Sense of Hearing: How do we distinguish the myriad of sounds we hear? Every distinct sound has a signature of vibrations per second. Our ears can pick out 300,000 different sounds and distinguish between them. 

Our Sense of Smell: It is with the second sense that we touch our world. Our noses are primitive compared to a salmon's or a moth's, but we can smell one garlic molecule in 50,000 molecules of air and our minds instantly identify what it is from memories of other occurrences. We can discern between 10,000 different odors. And, because God made our sense of smell and sense of taste to work together, our ability to smell is what enables us to more fully enjoy the taste of different foods!

Our Sense of Sight: It is staggering that God made us with 127 million cells in each eye. Together they could detect a single candle's light at fifteen miles; that is one photon of light to activate our eyes!

Our Sense of Touch: This is the strongest of our senses. Just to define "touch" makes it the longest entry in the English language dictionary. No word has more meanings and images. Touch is the sense most alert when we sleep. Is there any human activity that does not vitally rely on touch?

The touch of Jesus is likewise the strongest sense we get of His power. Have you ever pondered the wonderful joy of being touched by Jesus? He reached out and touched the sinners and the sick, the demonized and the defiled, the young and the old, the living and the dead, and the hopeless and the helpless. And all were changed marvelously!

Have you experienced the touch of Jesus? His nail-scarred hands are reaching out to touch those who will let Him! Do you need the touch of Jesus? He is extending His hand to you, if you will seek Him. Reach out by faith. Acknowledge that God senses every fiber of your life. He can feel your needs, and by faith you can touch God. Ask for His touch. Only Jesus Christ can fully meet your needs, so you must go to Him. Confess His work in you. If He has touched you, you should admit it publicly. Have you touched God today? Has He touched you? Do you need to tell someone?

For more on the wonder of being touched by Jesus, read Mark 5:21-43. Being touched by Him is shown beautifully in that passage. It should encourage you to desire to draw ever nearer to Him through His precious Word!

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