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You are Never Out of the Fight - Ed Young Television Devotional - 11/24

  • 2020 Nov 24

Ed Young Television Devotional

You are never out of the fight

The wise prevail through great power, and those who have knowledge muster their strengthProverbs 24:5


At some point in life, we all hit a wall. We find ourselves facing challenges, road blocks, and barricades. We may find that reality physically through illness or injury. We may find it emotionally, relationally, or even spiritually. But the truth is that, though life can be difficult, God has great things in store for us if we don’t give up on His plan for our lives.

Commitment is pledging yourself to a position, no matter what the cost. When you hit those barricades that seem like they want to keep you from achieving God’s plan for your life, don’t quit. You are never out of the fight when God is on your side. You can make it through anything and over any barrier when you rely on His strength and remain committed to His cause. Don’t quit. You are never out of the fight.


Thank God for His strength in your life. Pray for the kind of determination and dedication it takes to stick to His battle plan for your life, especially when times get tough.


Write today’s verse on a piece of paper to carry with you everywhere you go. Any time there is a difficulty that you face, read that verse. Commit it to memory. And rely on God’s plan to help get you through.

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