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Press on to Maturity - Ed Young Television Devotional - 12/30

  • 2020 Dec 30

Ed Young Television Devotional

Press On To Maturity

“Therefore leaving the elementary teaching about the Christ, let us press on to maturity…” >Hebrews 6:1


Everyone experiences a process of maturation. We grow from infants to adolescents to adults. It’s true physically. It’s also true spiritually. When someone accepts Christ, they are born into the family of God. In essence, they start off as infants. Then, there’s a maturation process as they grow in that relationship.

Maybe you haven’t stepped over the line of faith. Maybe you are fresh in your relationship with Jesus. Or maybe you’ve been a Christ follower for a long time. No matter which “chair” you find yourself sitting in at the table known as the local church; no matter where you are in your relationship with Christ, realize there is a continual process of growth. Make sure you are doing what you can to “press on to maturity,” and discover the most out of the life God has given you!


Thank God for the maturation process that a relationship with Him is all about. Pray for the discipline you need in order to move on to the next phase of maturity in your relationship with Him.


To experience growth, we must get outside of ourselves and begin to bring others with us to experience “the table.” Right now, text two people you know need to be at the table this weekend, and invite them to join you for church!

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