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Always Seeking Knowledge - Ed Young Television Devotional - 1/8

  • 2021 Jan 08

Ed Young Television Devotional

Always Seeking Knowledge

“…test everything that is said. Hold on to the good.” >1 Thessalonians 5:21


Life is a constant journey of learning. In order to grow, we must continuously pursue new knowledge. And there’s no greater way to learn than by asking questions. But it’s not just about asking any question to anyone.

God wants us to continue growing. He wants our knowledge of Him and His plan to expand and to grow. But to do that, we must ask the right people the right questions to get the right answers. What questions do you have about a relationship with God? Make sure you seek out the right people to ask those questions to!


Thank God for the way He created us – with a desire to learn and to grow. Pray that He would surround you with the people in your life that can help you grow in your relationship with Him.


This past weekend, Pastor Ed Young was joined by Dr. Hugh Ross for the kickoff of “Myth Busters.” Watch this powerful Q&A session, as Dr. Ross unpacked some of the biggest questions we have when it comes to God and Science.

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